SHINee Shawols SG Fan Gathering Session <3

Hey Shawols! 🙂 🙂

In Conjuction for our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY,

We would like to celebrate it with all of you!


We are in the process of discussing of making a Fan Gathering Session soon!

Most prolly during the MARCH Holiday where almost everyone will be free. 🙂

Dont worry!We shall make it on WEEKEND instead during the march holiday!

We will be booking a place for the event. 🙂

And it will be a 4 hours event 🙂

There will be alot of fun! Thinkign about it makes me so hyper! 😉

But,Firstly,we need to ask u all to help us with this poll. ❤

Choose the option that u realllyyyy wont have any problem with 😉

We will collate the result very very very soon and inform all of u okays!

With Love,


  1. twinstars says:

    i would love to have a shinee’s fan meeting in sydney…as i’m sure, there’ll be so many fans going, no matter if it’s on the week day or week end…heehee :p

  2. -JANELLE- says:

    YEPPEEEEE ~ I would definetly go there together with all my friends !! Meeting all the SHAWOLS !! YEAHHHHH ~~ :DD Lets make friends with each other shawols!! >.< ^^ :DD :]] 🙂 C: ~o~

  3. Stephanie says:

    aah… i’m singaporean and i’m missing out. if they have one in melbourne, that would be FANTASTIC, ELASTIC… lol.

  4. Lillian says:

    imagine we have the fanmeet and then actual SHINee walks in
    O_O…it would turn into a nightmare…
    please have it in sydney!!! i mean shinee came to sydney but so many ppl missed out including me 😦 …..

  5. mai says:

    i would love to help
    but i live in the U.S

  6. Shreya says:

    ahh….I wish I could come.. 😦

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