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Hello SHINee World!~

 (click below if you missed any of Fake Couple Chapter)

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Chapter 4 ;
Mini Chapter (after Chapter 4) ;
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Chapter 6 ;
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Chapter 8 ;
Chapter 9 ;

You stood rooted to the ground. Your mind suddenly went blank. You stood there for a few minutes and you were
waiting for your SHINee Boyfriend to approach you but NO he didn’t. Your heart aches even harder.
It feels like the sky is falling.

Obviously the Fake Couple recording had ended due to a huge commotion. You quickly turn off your handphone because
you want to be alone at this point of time.

Then you sat on a wooden bench near a beautiful lake.
You heavily sighed as you look at the magnificent view of the lake.

“How I wish he was here with me” You mumbled to yourself.

You tried to tell yourself to stop hoping. Stop hoping that he (your SHINee Bf) will be yours.

You took out your daily diary and start expressing your feelings in it ;

“Dear Diary,

Today is the WORST DAY of my life!! Do you know that he cheated on my feelings? Everthing was FAKE!
Everything was being planned!! He fooled me! He cheated my feelings and now my heart is aching so badly that
nobody knows how am I feeling right now.


(Am I Faking it?)

I guess, after the end of the Fake Couple Reality Show, it will be my last time seeing him. Yes. I mean it.
I don’t want to have any contacts with him anymore. I promise that I shall delete his number from my handphone and
erase every memory I had with him. The reason is because those memories I shared with him will haunt me later on.

God, be with me.
I’m so weak right now.

With love,
the heartbroken girl.”

As you finish writting your diary, your eyes were filled with tears but you tried to hold them back! You must be strong and
don’t show that you are weak!

“Aja Aja Hwaiting!!” you told yourself.

It’s time to go home as the sun already settle down.

You dragged your feet on the way back home.

As soon as you open and enter the main door, your younger brother starts to call out your name.

“Noona!!” your younger brother call out your name from the living room.

“What is it??” you asked him.

“Noona!! Come here!!” he pulled your arm to the living room.

“OUCCCCHH! Let go of my arm! What is it so important?” without any intention you yelled at your younger brother for being rude.

He stares at you.

“Why are you shouting at me? What’s with you today? Why are you like this? You are different! You are no longer the sister that I knew! You never yelled at me before!” he quickly run to his bedroom.

Your jaw dropped.

“Am I crazy?” you questioned yourself.

“…….put your hands together for SHINee!!” (voice from television)

You quickly turn around and look at the television screen.

“It’s SHINee!!” you jumped excitedly.

You sat infront of the television and turn on the volume up!

“Was I lying when I say I hate you, boy?” you kept mumbling to yourself again and again the whole day!

After SHINee performance ended, you went back to your room and locked it. You began searching for your handphone and straight away you turn it on.

0 Text Messages.

*sigh heavily*

Suddenly, your handphone rang.
You quickly answer the phone.

“Hello? Who is that speaking?” you asked.

“Hello! I’m the Manager for Fake Couple Reality Show! I’ve called you several times and there’s no connection to your phone. Luckily you pick up. I’m here to tell you that tomorrow there will be an interview regarding the Fake Couple Reality Show at KBS Recording Centre. Both you and your SHINee Boyfriend will be in Star Talk at KBS channel. The show will start around 2pm but I need you to come one hour earlier to make up and practice some lines” The Manager, Mr Lee explained.

Your eyes nearly popped out when you hear its an interview!

“Errr.. Interview? Is it compulsory to do the interview? I’m not good talking infront of the camera, Mr Lee” you sound so nervous.

“Don’t worry, there will be a practice before the show starts. Don’t worry too much ok? I hope you will attend tomorrow’s talk show! Anything contact this number. See you!” Mr Lee put down the phone.

“Omo Omo Omo!! I’m going to be dead! I’m going to ruin the talk show! Ohmy! Err…” then you quickly search the best dress to wear tomorrow!

While you were searching for the best dress for tomorrow’s Star Talk show, suddenly you heard someone knock on the main door.
You quickly ran down and open up the door.

“Oh Hi!” you greeted to an unknown guy.

“Hi, someone ordered me to send you this box. Can you please sign here?” the delivery guy said.

“Who? Who ordered you?” you curiously asked.

“Sorry Ma’am, I can’t tell you who is the sender. It’s confidential. Thank you” after replying you the delivery guy walked away.

You quickly close the door and ran up to your bedroom with the red box.

Without hesistation, you sat on your bed and put the box infront of you.

The box is in red colour with a big silver ribbon placed nicely on top of it.
You open it up slowly.

There, a small card was placed on top of the package ;

"To the Name that I loved"

Yes, that sentence was written on the card. You slowly smile.

You held the package. Your heart beat very fast when you saw the present!
It’s a beautiful pink dress! Without wasting any moment you put the dress on! It suits you!

Next day, at KBS Building.

“Are you from Fake Couple Reality Show?” ask a lady with short hair.

“Yes, I am” you reply her with a smile.

“Please follow me to the waiting room” she instruct you.

You nodded and follow her from the back. Your heart beats very fast as you walk nearer to the room.

You entered the room.
There your SHINee Boyfriend was standing and waiting for you to arrive.

Then your SHINee Boyfriend approaches you,

Onew ; Yeobo!! *stares at you for awhile* You look gorgeous in this dress! It look perfect on you! So do you like it? *smiles cheekily*

Jonghyun ; JAKIYYYYAA! *runs towards you* Awww.. you caught my attention! You look stunning in this dress. I picked the right dress for you, dear. *winks at you*

Key ; HEY! *look at you from head to toe* PERFECT! Perfect! Perfect! I’ve a good taste. Agree with me?

Minho ; Do you know that, you look absolutely beautiful! You stand out from everyone here inside this room! I’m not kidding you, I’m serious.

Taemin ; *both of his thumbs were up* I picked the suitable dress for you! *winks at you* I hope you appreciate it.

You didn’t know what to say or react towards your SHINee Boyfriend. With a brave heart, you..

“Oh! I didn’t know the red box containing this dress that I’m currently wearing is from you. Anyway thank you” you sarcasticly response to your SHINee Boyfriend.

Then, your SHINee Boyfriend sense that something is wrong with you today because you never behave this way before. He tries to approach you again.

Onew ; *take a deep breath* Mind sharing it with me what’s on your mind? You look different today. I’m ready to lend my ear for you. Dear, don’t be like this ok? *he try to reach out for your hand but you didn’t let him* Why? You don’t like it? You’ve change, or is it my fault that you’ve change?

Jonghyun ; You ain’t yourself today. Why? Is there any problem? Come on Jakiya, tell me what’s wrong? I’ll be patiencely waiting to hear out your problem. *stares at you* Ok, I won’t force you to speak, but when you are ready let me know and I’ll stand by next to you.

Key ; That is so sarcastic! You are not kidding me when you say that you didn’t know that the red box was send by me? *he raises his right eyebrow* You are acting all so weird today, why? Can you please explain yourself? *he sigh heavily*

Minho ; *walk closer to you & look deep inside your eyes* Is there anything wrong? Are you feeling alright or are you nervous because this is your first time appearing in a talk show? Don’t worry, don’t fake your feelings. I know you so well. You don’t need to pretend that everything is ok, within a glance in your eyes I know you are upset about something. Tell me & I’ll listen.

Taemin ; Are you hiding anything from me, dear? I sense something is not right here. Mind sharing it with me? Like we promise that we will share any problem with each other right? You remember?

You are at the verge of crying but you try very hard to control your tears from falling because you don’t want your SHINee Boyfriend to see the weaker side of you. You look away because you didn’t want to have any eye contact with your SHINee Boyfriend. It hurts.

“Are you saying that I’m sarcastic? Then how about you? You said I’ve change, how about you? Did you change? Everyone change and so do you. You are no longer theSHINee Boyfriend that I knew!.. You are different now” like finally, you have said what’s on your mind all this while.

Before your SHINee Boyfriend gets to speak…
The Assistant of Star Talk Show interupted both of you.

“Both of you, are you ready? Our show will be starting in 20 minutes time. We will see you at backstage in 5 minutes, ok?” ordered the Assistant for the show.

Both you and your SHINee Boyfriend nodded.

Then your SHINee Boyfriend,

Onew ; We will talk about our problem after the show ends ok? We will let everything out later. For now we will be focussing on this Talk Show, ok? Are you ready, dear? *he grab your hand* I’m here, don’t be scared and be yourself. I don’t need you to fake it. Understand, dear? *tap your shoulder*

Jonghyun ; *popped both of his eyes out* I know our problem is really serious but we will rest the matter for now since our Talk Show will start pretty soon. I promise we will talk it out later when everything is done. Please don’t be sad. Hmm.. or do you want me to tickle you to make you laugh? Because laughter is the best medicine! *winks at you twice*

Key ; *clears his throat* Let’s be professional, we will deal with the matter after the show. When the MC ask, answer it honestly ok? Don’t hide anything. I hate to lie and you know afterall I’m a straightfoward person, right? Can you please at least smile? Honestly, I miss seeing you smile. *winks*

Minho ; I know how are you feeling right now. Don’t cry and be strong. After this show, we will go somewhere and talk about our problem that we are facing. I promise I won’t run away from this problem anymore.  *smile widely at you*

Taemin ; Yeobo! We will settle this problem after everything here is fine, ok? I’ll bring somewhere afterwards and we will sit down and talk things out. We will solve our everything tonight. I promise. *winks twice at you* Smile for me, please?

“Don’t try to be nice towards me or give me hope. Keep your promise to settle our problem after this show or today will be the last day that you will be seeing me” you warned your SHINee Boyfriend.

Your SHINee Boyfriend look calm eventhough you warned him to settle your problem with him afterwards. Then he grab your hand and lead you to the backstage.

Behind the backstage,

While waiting for the Talk Show to start, you start to get nervous and pespire. Your SHINee Boyfriend notice it and walk towards you ;

Onew ; *pass his handkerchief to you* Here’s my handkerchief and you may keep it. Don’t return it to me because you will never know when you need it. Don’t be nervous, I’m here right by your side. Remember to breathe in and out if you are really nervous while the live recording starts. *gave a kiss on your forehead*

Jonghyun ; *he grab a piece of tissue and wipe your sweat* Feeling better? You look very nervous from far that’s why I came and check on you. I know it’s your first time here on this Talk Show. Don’t be nervous, just be yourself. I’m here. *kisses your cheek*

Key ; Come here and stand directly at this fan here. *points to the fan* Stay calm don’t be scared because your Almighty Key is here for you. Afterall you are not alone during this talk show. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you all alone. *gave you a flying kiss*

Minho ; *he pass a packet of tissue to you* Wipe your sweat because I don’t want to ruin your make up. Afterwards I’ll get our makeup artist to touch up for you ok? *he held your hand* Be confident and be yourself. I’ll be sitting next to you so don’t worry that much, girl.

Taemin ; Do you want me to adjust the temperature? You look uncomfortable. *pass you his towel* Here take it and wipe your sweat. I know you are nervous, don’t be because your baby Taemin is here with you throughout this Talk Show and I won’t run away. Promise *giggles*

You were touched by your SHiNee Boyfriend kindness and sweetness. You didn’t know what to reply him. You just nodded and look away.
Then the director assigned you and SHINee Boyfriend to sit at the appointed seat. Your SHINee Boyfriend hold your hand and walk together with you towards the couple seat.
When both of you already sitted, you heard your SHINee Boyfriend starts to make funny noises and ‘boooo’ towards you. You look down and didn’t know how to react to the situation.
Your SHINee Boyfriend didn’t let go of your hand from just now but he held it even tighter.

Onew ; Ignore them, remember I’m here with you? Don’t be scared because I’ll shelter you, don’t worry much. I’ll never leave you alone.

Jonghyun ; Take it as a compliment. Those fans are quite jealous with us. So don’t bother with them ok? They won’t hurt you because I’m here.

Key ; Do you want me to keep their mouth shut? Just keep your ears close. Don’t think too much about what they say, what matters most is that I’m here with you.

Minho ; Don’t take their words to your heart dear because it will hurt you. If you are really scared, quickly grab my hand or arm.

Taemin ; Do you want me to ask Manager Hyung to calm down the fans? I know its difficult, be proud that you are mine. *he then blushes away*

Star Talk Show already started,

MC Junho ; Ahn Nyeong Haseyo, I’m Lee Junho your MC for Star Talk Show! Welcome to today’s Star Talk Show with special appearance from Fake Couple Reality Show Couple!

*everyone in studio claps & cheer*

SHINee Boyfriend ; Hello! Thank you for having us here in your talk show! We really appreciate it. *bows*

You ; Hello! I’m thankful to be here for the first time in your talk show! *bows & smile*

Mc Junho ; Do you know that your Reality Show hit the top notch? Yes, many out there really love watching this two love birds in Fake Couple Reality Show! Am I right audience?

*audience cheered & clap loudly*

MC Junho ; Ok, before we start interviewing with our special couple from Fake Couple Reality Show, we would like to suprise the audience and the viewers! Today’s special band appearance is SHINee! Hence, they will be performing their latest song ‘Hello’. Now, put your hands together for SHINee with Hello!

MC Junho ; Put your hands together once again for SHINee for the awesome performances!

*everyone claps their hand*

SHINee Boyfriend ; Thank you very much everyone. *your SHINee Boyfriend keep looking at you*

MC Junho ; Hey ___(insert your SHINee Bf name here)___ don’t worry your girlfriend is not going anywhere, she is here.

*You purposely coughs & smile at the audience*

SHINee Boyfriend ; Yes, I’m worried about my girlfriend here since this is her first appearance in this talk show. *winks at you* I hope all of you understand her position.

MC Junho ; WOW! The boyfriend here is very protective of her girlfriend. Aweosome! Ok, let’s move on with Questions & Answers from your fans here.

SHINee Boyfriend & you nodded.

Fan #1 ; Are you guys in a relationship?

SHINee Boyfriend ; *nodded & smile from ear to ear* Yes we are. We are deeply in love with each other.

You ; Errr.. *breathe in & out slowly* As what you hear from my boyfriend, err.. yes we are in a relationship.

MC Junho ; You didn’t inform me that both of you are in a relationship!

SHINee Boyfriend ; It’s a suprise actually! *giggles cheekily*

You didn’t know how to answer to the question asked by the fans. You are confused whether to lie or not to lie? Yet, you just go with the flow.

The Talk Show ended.

*You sigh heavily*

You start searching for your SHINee Boyfriend at the backstage. Yet, no sign of him.

*You sigh again*

Suddenly,… someone approaches you from behind.

“Looking for me? I’m here! Like I promise you, I won’t go anywhere till we settle our problem” your SHINee Boyfriend appeared without you noticing him.

Like he promise you earlier on that he will settle the problem after the show, he did.
He took you Namsan Tower! Yes Namsan Tower!

To be continued..

Sorry for the long waited SFS Fake Couple! I hope you guys enjoy this long Chapter 10 Part 1! ((:

With love,
Team Onew/Herda

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Today Bias Special ; Onew

Time Check ; 12.30pm

Onew was flipping his schedue book, when suddenly he flips at the calendar section and found out that today was a very special day for both you & Onew. He really forgotten about today!

“Omo! I forgotten that today is our 2nd Anniversary!” Onew smacks his forehead gentlely.

Today marks Onew & your 2nd Anniversary!

“Hmm… she must be very upset with me for not wishing her! That’s why she didn’t message me!” Onew sigh heavily.

Without wasting any time he rushes to the nearest flower shop.

“Erm, can you wrap the bouquet flower of with yellow wrapping?” Onew asked the florist.

The florist nodded & wrapped it with a beautiful yellow wrapping.

Then Onew paid for the bouquet of flower and went out of the shop.

“Hmm.. let’s go straight to her house now!” Onew mumbled happily to himself.

At your house,

His heart was beating very fast as soon as he reached your house.

“Omo! Why am I feeling this way?” Onew starts to get nervous.

“I’m scared that she won’t let me in! I’m scared that she will get very vexed towards me for not remembering today’s 2nd Anniversary” Onew keep blaming himself.


“I’m scared that she won’t let me in! I’m scared that she will get very vexed towards me for not remembering today’s 2nd Anniversary” Onew keep blaming himself.

Yes, his finally reached your house but he still wandering infront of your house. Afterall he did something wrong today by not remembering today’s 2nd Anniversary, that’s why he is wandering around. Yes, he has mixed feelings.

Without waiting any longer he walk closer to your door step.

He wanted to knock on your door but.. he pauses, because he is very nervous!

He breathe in slowly and took the courage.

You heard someone knocking on you door and you quickly open it. Your jaw dropped as soon as you saw your Onew yeobo!

“Yeobo~” You called him.

“Jakiya!! Hello!” He answered you while he hides the bouquet of flowers behind his back.

“Come in, my little sister is inside.” You ask him to enter.

He slowly follow you into the house.

“Jakiya, actually I want to tell you something” Onew starts to talk.

“What is it?” You ask curiously.

“Please give me a chance to speak my mind. I don’t know how you feel right now. But who knows? Two of us might be destiny?” He talks clamly looking at you.

You didn’t speak.

“The times I spent by your side. Can no more compare to any other happiness.I can’t express myself to you. My heart wants all of you, never let you go.If this is love, I’ll never let it go… Baby girl, I love you! Happy 2nd Anniversary!” He goes closely to you and pass you the bouquet of flowers.

“I thought you forgotten our 2nd Anniversary! Aww. Thank you!! This are my favourite flowers! Thank you Yeobo, I love you too!” You said excitedly.

“Glad that you like it, Baby!! I took alot of courage to come here and meet you!”he winks cheekily at you.

You were glad that he even have the courage to appear at your house and give a little suprise which many guys won’t dare to do it.

Stay Tuned for Jonghyun, Taemin & Key’s Hello SFS Special!!

[ credits ; Ellan@soompi (pictures) + Tumblr (pictures) + Ideas for SFS (Team Onew/Team Taemin)]

~ With Love,

Team Onew/Herda

If you miss Minho’s SFS Hello Special, here’s the link ;