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From SHINee apartment,He can clearly see u standing next to jaejoong waiting for a cab. His eyes get teary. And hsi heart feel heavy.

When the taxi arrives,Jaejoong opened the door for u. But before u enter,U looked upp the building and u catches HIM looking at u. U stopped. Your eyes met.

HE quickly pull down the window blinds and continue practising.

Seeing you with jaejoong. Why does his mood suddenly change?

Seeing HIM pretending not knowing u.Why do u feel sad and uncomfortable about it?

Seeing this two acting like this,What is actually happening???


The next day,it was the usual routine for u. Before u stepped into the office to began your Cleaner Duty,u had your breakfast at the nearest Coffeeshop.Alone.

Many fans are surrounding the main entrance of the SM Building. U smile and whisper to yourself ‘Wah,This girls are really crazy about this idols!Dont they have anythign better else to do?”

When u are finally done with your breakfast,U walked through the crowd and a girl pull your hand. You turned.It was your 16 year old cousin.

Kate: “Lysa!!Are u working here?????”

U hugged your cousin,Kate,so tightly and pulled her to one corner.

YOU: “yes i am!but only as a cleaner! U are here for?…” (And u looked at the poster that she was holding…..)

It was His Poster.

Kate: “OMG!I’m a big big fan of SHINee!And i really like this guy!This one here!Im sure u have seen him before!! Can u sneeke me in and let me see him pls pls pls?? I promise i will behave myself!”

You think hard. Kate is very close to u and furthermore,her family has always been helping u and your family.U showed your pass to the secuirty guard and tell him that Kate is helping u with the cleaning as u are not feeling well. He let Kate into the building.

YOU: “Good for u. I’m working at level 4.The level that SHINee,Super Junior is allocated at! So,i’m sure u can see them! But remember, behave okay!”

Kate hugged u. 😉

When it was 12noon, SHINee arrived and when they walked past u, u smiled at him. Instead of looking at u, he turned towards kate and smiled.

He:”Hey sweetheart! Who are u?”

Kate: “I’m KATE. And i’m Lysa’s cousin. I’ve been a big fan of SHINee!!!! Can i have your autograph please??”

He: “Well,not only autograph,u can also take a picture with me. Lysa,could you help us with this?”

U nod your head and take a picture for them. Kate was jumping for joy.

He: “Well, we are busy with our recprding now.DO u wanna see how we actually record our songs?But,u must promise, u cant make much noise alright?”

Kate smiled and she followed the other SHINee member into a room. U looked at him.

Lysa: “Whats wrong with you? Why have u been ignoring me?Did i do anything wrong?”

He: “No,u did not.Its just that i took the wrong steps. I shouldnt have ask u to act like my GF.Jaejoong might get the wrong impression u see”

Lysa: (U swallow your saliva) “Jaejoong???”

He: “Yeah,U are close to him.Much closer to him rather than to me.Am i right?”

Lysa: “U get it all wrong.All wrong.I and him are just friends!!”

He: “Are u serious??”

U smiled and nod your head.

Lysa: “Well,but,he is much much good looking than u. Of course,i was attracted to him at first. But, er, i’m more comfortable with u,rather than with him. I just treat him as an oppa. thats all. EH WAIT! Why am i explaining all this to u???”

He laughed and go near to u.

He: “Cause we are a couple,remember…I think i love you Lysa”

U choked once again.Did he say the POWERFUL THREE WORDS??? I LOVE YOU??

He hold your hands and looked into your eyes.

He: “Believe me. I’m falling in love with  you. Will u agree to be with me?”

You nod your head and smile “Yes,I will. With all my heart”

He leaped into the air as though he won a gold medal! U laughed looking at the way he reacted.

He: “But sweetheart, For now, lets dont reveal to anyone about our relationship okay.Lets just stay like this.Cause the higher authority wont like me to be in a relationship when i’m busy with my new album with SHINee. Is it okay with you?”

You: “yes. I will follow whatever that u say my dear.Now go. Sing with all your heart.Remember,I’ll always be here outside waiting for u okay!”


@3PM. U enter JaeJoong’s room to deliver some important mail for him. He was busy typing sumthing on his lappy. U leave the room once u place the document on the table. But he touched your hand.

JaeJoong: “Lysa,I need your help. I need you to sew my jacket for me.A fan pulled it so hard till it gets torn.CAn u?”

YOU: “Sure,i can!I will do it outside cause im worried someone might be looking for me there.I will pass it to u after im done with it ok”

You sat down at the couch and began sewing.Suddenly an SMS popped up.Its from HIM!!

Onew: U are the only one that can make my tiring day brighten up again. U are the only one that has the key to my heart. Can u help me?I think im suffocated with your love”

Jong: Although we have just known one another,trust me. I will love u for the rest of my life and i wont ever betray you.I will love u like noone ever did.

Key: If i can get out from this studio now,I would bring you to the playground and play with u till late afternoon. I miss your smile and your laughters already.

Minho: Why is the time passing by slowly in here? Simply said,Cause there isnt u. 😦

Taemin:Your smile are all over my mind now, even when i close my eyes when we have a break,i keep seeing your smile. U r so addictive

U laughed alone upon reading the text message.

Suddenly,someone closes your eyes from behind. U put down the jacket and hold the person’s hand that was on your eyes.

YOU: “DO u know that i miss u a lot? I love u so much..Faster faster,finish your work and lets eat together.”

He let go of his hand and walk infront of u.

Jaejoong: “I love you too”….


U’ve gotten yourself into BIG TROUBLE!


How will u answer him back?


Rectangle love?


hey all!Im sorry,i have not been writing this continuation for so long!

Pardon us,sometimes,our work gets too much,SFS slipped off our mind 😦

Our workload is getting more and more.

Sorry for those that has always been waiting so patiently for our SFS.

I’ hope u love this short continuation. 🙂

Rest well all!



Your SHINee bf ‘s schedules were all not very early today, so he sent you to school 😀

he surprised you at your house when you were about to leave your house for school.

upon reaching your school, there was still time and so he followed you to your locker as you wanted to take your books. when you turned to your locker, there was somebody standing there waiting for you.

YOU: aish, him again! just what i need first thing in the morning!

SHINee bf:  (taps your shoulder) ermm, baby, who is he?

Before he could wait for your answer, you already had walked over to your locker. Your SHINee bf then just followed after you.

YOU: Yes? Just what do you want from me again? Do you always have to find me all the time?

Guy: Oh _(your name)__ ! You’re here in school already! i’ve been waiting for you! i was so afraid you won’t make it to school! Here, this is for you.

the guy takes out a beautifully wrapped box with a flower placed on top of it.

you just stood there not saying anything while your SHINee bf was in shock, his mouth was just wide open!

Guy: i know its not your birthday, but i hope you will accept this gift from me, and also soon accept my love for you. oh, i see you have someone beside you, is he your brother? he looks really familiar!

Onew: Hold on, wait a min! Who ARE you? Don’t you know who am i? Of course i look familiar! Go google search SHINee and you’ll know! How much more irritating can you get? Coming to look for my gf, giving her  presents, and then you don’t even know who am i?? Forget about google searching! I’m her bf! Heard that?

Jonghyun: he will take the present from the guy, open it, and look at what was inside. ” What? this is what you are giving her? your gift is not even suitable for her! she is way worth your crappish present! i think you’re too much! giving these sort of present? and, you don’t know who am i? I’m not her brother! I’m not related to her! I mean, not blood related, but she’s my gf! WE ARE RELATED! ”

Key: pffft, what kind of present is this? its not even hand made! not sincere at all! sucha a failure! next time, please do a better job! hello, i think this lady here is too kind to tell you that i’m actually not her brother, i’m her very fashionable bf! Look at you! that outfit that you are wearing is horrible!

Minho: he will take a step towards the guy. ” NUMBER 1 : i don’t think its is necessary for you to be giving her a present since you are not related to her. NUMBER 2 : I’m not her brother. NUMBER 3: i’m not her brother because i’m her bf so stay away before you regret it! ”

Taemin: ehh, hyung are. she’s not going to accept her present because she does not like you. she likes someone else you know! i’m not her brother either. eee, your present here is coming off already! oh, you know why she will not accept your present? because i’m her bf!

the gift was returned to the guy and you asked him to leave you. you then took your things and went to your class.
after school on your way out of the school, your cell buzzed.
SHINee bf: i’m at your school canteen, come look for me, we’ll go out after this ok? 🙂
of course, you were so happy to see your SHINee bf after a long day at school. you went to look for him at the canteen and soon you guys were on your way out of school.
at the exit of your school, you heard your name being called loudly by someone behind you, you turned around.
And there you saw HIM again running towards your direction!
Guy: Hey! I was looking all over for you! Shall we go out for dinner! I’m sure you’re starving! let’s go! i won’t take no for an answer!
You gave a deep sigh, why does he have to keep following you?!

Onew: why are you here again? are you looking for the toilet or are you hungry? because you are going in the wrong direction. i think you need to go to the science lab, your ears might have some problem when i said just now that she’s my gf! i tried to be polite, but i guess you are going too far~

Jonghyun: hey. that’s enough! stop bugging her already! don’t you feel like you’re some chewing gum or something? you keep sticking onto people! can’t you tell from her face that she’s annoyed? leave her alone, understand! i’m going to say this again to your deaf ears, I’M HERE BF SO STAY AWAY FROM HER!

Key: yah yah yah! that’s it! i’m not a very sensitive person, but you have crossed the line! i told you already, she’s my gf! so why are you still trying to get her to go out with you? do you need me to tell and nag at you everytime that she’s my gf? wait, i don’t even want to waste my breath on a  person like you! i’d rather nag at the people i love and care for, PEOPLE LIKE MY GF!

Minho: please do not ever do this again. i told you already, you will regret it if you try to mess with CHOI MINHO!

Taemin: excuse me mister, don’t you know its not nice to steal someone’s gf? you do know that right? BUT YOU ARE STEALING MINE! don’t disturb her anymore or you will get it from me! don’t think i don’t dare to do anything to you!

the guy then left the two of you in shock. you were satisfied, you meant alot to your bf!

the both of you left the school grounds and were walking down the street. suddenly, a strong cold wind blew.

you shivered and hugged yourself. looking at you shivering,

Onew: yeobo, are you cold? that horrible guy just  now must have made you so mad that when you came out, and because of the sudden temperature change, you must have felt so cold! come, i think you are hungry too, let’s go find something for you. no chicken today, anything you want 🙂

Jonghyun: you cold? ( he will hug you closer to him ) come, we should get you warm, you must be hungry thats why you feel cold. let’s go get something for you to eat.

Key: jakiya, you’re too skinny! thats why you feel cold easily! see, like me, i don’t feel cold! next time, you must always remember to eat more! i should feed you some nice food and cook more often for you too. come, let’s go get something to eat first! horrible wind, blow my gf!

Minho: ( he will take off his coat and put it over you) sorry i was to busy talking to that guy just now, so i did not care much about you. now you’re cold right! you look abit pale too. i think you’re also hungry after a long day at school, let’s go eat, can’t starve you.

Taemin: ( he will hold on to your hands) baby, are you cold? i’m feeling abit cold too, that wind is so strong! let’s go find some place warm and we can get a bite too. i’m feeling hungry, must have wasted my energy talking to that guy just now!

after walking for awhile more, you both decided to settle at a cafe. eating dinner at a cafe, cool 😀  you felt warm again after a hot drink your SHINee bf got for you.

SHINee bf: Yeobo, i see my friend opposite the road, i’ll go look for him first. you sit here and eat slowly ok? keep yourself warm. need anything, call me.

he then left the cafe and crossed the road. you ate as you saw him walking on the streets.


what will happen to your SHINee bf?

what will happen to you at the cafe?

will the guy come and find you again?

does the title mean anything?

hehe, short sfs today guys, sorry for that 😛 anws, i could not think of a name for the guy, but i think i know now, i’ll just call him GUY. so the name is GUY, LOLOLOLOLOL!

hope you enjoy the story!


Md Yoorin: “Lysa,do you know, He has this problem of saying I Love You? He wont be able to say it to those that he dont love. He will slurred so much. Come,i wana hear u say I love You to Lysa.. In your most romantic way ever!”

He looked u in the eyes..

U looked into his eyes…. Can he say the powerful three words to u??

He opened his mouth.

Onew: (He hold your hand and wink at u) “Ur the most perfect woman tt i eve saw in this world. I…..I……Promise i will treasure u till the day i leave this world.”

Jong: (He touch your cheecks and caress it slowly) “I Love the way u smile,laugh,nag,talk etc.Infact,i love everything that u do.It brings chills down my spine.. DO u know what makes me fall in love with u? Its your sweetness. I was blinded by that…”

Key: (He hugged your shoulder and smiled at u) “U always said u love it when i hugged u.Whereas for me,I love doing this to u cause it makes me feel as though u belong with me only..” (He tipped up your chin and smile) “Promise me u wont ever leave me sweety”

Minho: (He bend down on his knee and hold your hands) “Ur definitely not my first love sweety,But,Ur my true love. When i first saw you,i still remember. U were wearing a long floral dress and u were busy picking up fruits on the floor that u dropped.I helped u to pick it up,and then,u wipe one of the fruits with your dress and u gave it to me. That was the sweetest fruit ever!”

Taemin: (He walked towards u with a flower behind his back,Once he was infront of u,He put the flower in your hair and winked at u.) “See,Mom,This is my princess. My one and only. My one and only princess that is able to tolerate with my nonsense!”\

Mdm Yoorin’s eyes become teary.She did not expect er son to be so romantic as that. She walked up to and hugged u for so long.

Mdm Yoorin: “Dearest,Pls help me take good care of him when aunty is not around anymore. I’m sure he will love u till the rest of his life.If one day,he fights with u or scold u,come to me and i’ll scold him for u.Okay?”

Your tears went down your eyes too!U hugged Mdm Yoorin so tightly.

When its almost 11PM,The both of u went back. He send u to your house.

When the cab finally reaches your house,u looked at him.He was sleeping.

YOU: “I’ve never seen u as handsome as tonight.Those eyes of yours.Those lips.Those hair. Wow,U get me captivated tonight..How i wish u were really my BF! Ehs,no way!Jaejoong is still the best.His looks are a true killer.”

Your fingers traced down his forehead and when it reaches his nose,he suddenly sneeze.U pull your hand away from him quickly! He grabbed it back and pull it close to hsi heart.

Onew: “Promise me u wont leave me again!Can u pls promise me that u will love me like how i love you?”

Jong: “When i see your face,Theres only one thing that i want to do. I wana stand at the tallest hill in the world and shout I LOVE LYSA SO MUCHHHHH!!!”

Key: “When i see other guys looking at u,my temper suddenly shot up. But,when i looked back at u and realised that your eyes were on me all the time,I became the happiest man on earth cause i know i had the best girl ever in the world”

Minho: “I’m definitely not good with romantic words or wishes.But,i wana u to know that U’r my love. My one and only love that noone can steal from me!”

Taemin: “When people call me cute,i wished you would call me that too.When people call me handsome,i wished u would call me that too. When people call me darling,i wished u would call me that too…But when u said i love you to me,i wished u will call me that again and again and again”

U laughed so timidly. U knew he were talking in his sleep. How lucky will his GF be to have him in her life? U took out your camera and snatch a picture of him sleeping so cosily.

Suddenly the driver turned back.

Driver: “I think i have reached here since 10 minutes ago.Do u wana alight here or u wana stay in my cab till the next day?I dont mind but the taxi fare is increasing.”

YOU: “Uncle,i dont have the heart to wake him up.Can u continue driving us around until he wakes up?Dont worry,i will pay for the meter.Thank u.”

And the driver drove u around the estate. When there was a traffic light,the cab stopped and suddenly u noticed a whole bunch of girls crossing the road. If they turned towards the cab,they will definitely see him and they will spread the gossip around.U quickly put him gently on your lap and pat him on his shoulder.

The driver smiled looking at how romantically u were concernec about him.

@1Am,He finally woken up. He rubbed his eyes and saw the taxi fare.Its 70bucks already. He looked at u.

YOU: “U were in such a deep sleep,even i had no heart to wake u up..Nevermind,i will pay the fare..Uncle,send him home first kay cause his manager might be worried about him.Its already 1AM”

He looked at u and smiled.

He: “Thank you for acting as my GF just now.I really appreciate it alot!”

U smiled at him.


The next day. U were sweeping the floor when Jaejoong walk past u.. But,today,He stopped infront of u and offer u a flower.

JaeJoong: “Good Morning.I know ive been a jerk for the past few days here.I was not in a good shape.U might haf think that i’m a bad guy,that is arrogant and needs to be slapped.Anyways,welcome into the family! I really hope u will enjoy working here!”

Your heart was beating so fast,u trembled and your broom fell to the floor.U bend down to pick it up,but unknowingly.,he was also picking it up for u till your head banged into each other. The both of u laughed and u rubbed his head.

From another corner of the walkway,he was looking at u and jaejoong teasing each other. His heart sank looking at the fun moments between u two.

Jaejoong: “Have u had your lunch yet?Wanna eat with me?I know a nice restautrant around here that serves nice noodle”

YOU: “Ah,i’ve eaten my lunch already.thanks for the offer though. Next time okay!”

Jaejoong nod and he walks off.U smiled and u continue sweeping.Your mind knew that someone was watching u.U looked up and your eyes saw him. U waved at him but he did not waved back. He walked away and enter a room. U knew something wasnt right.

When your working time is over,U waited outside the room patiently. one hour had past and he still had not come out from the room.

Jaejoong tapped u from the back and u gets shocked.

JaeJoong: “Hey!Ur still here?I Tot your working hours is over since an hour ago? Are u waiting for someone in this room?This is SHINee’s room. Do u want me to knock on the door for u?”

You nod your head and he really knocked the door for u.The door was opened. U enter the room with him.

All SHINee member stopped singing and bowed at him.

JaeJoong: “Wow,Nice song guys!Im sure your next comeback will be  a great hit! Well,I’m here cause this lady wants to see someone from this room…She has been waiting outside since an hour ago…”

Your eyes looked at him,He was pretending to be busy reading through his lyrics.You bite your lips.

Why is he acting so strangely today?? Why is he pretending that he do not know me at all??

U bowed at all the SHINee member and walked out the room.jaejoong followed u.

JaeJoong: “U must have gotten the wrong person.Everyone here looked the same. Maybe u were searching for Super Junior? Cause from the way SHINee looked at u just now,They dont know at all. Are u sure u wanted to see one of the SHINee member just now?”

YOU: “Its okay jaejoong.Maybe i get the wrong guy. I think its better for me to go home now.Im tired.”

Jaejoong: “Let me send u back home”

From SHINee apartment,He can clearly see u standing next to jaejoong waiting for a cab. His eyes get teary. And hsi heart feel heavy.

When the taxi arrives,Jaejoong opened the door for u. But before u enter,U looked upp the building and u catches HIM looking at u. U stopped. Your eyes met.

HE quickly pull down the window blinds and continue practising.

Seeing you with jaejoong. Why does his mood suddenly change?

Seeing HIM pretending not knowing u.Why do u feel sad and uncomfortable about it?

Seeing this two acting like this,What is actually happening???


Wait for PART FOUR! ;);)


Me and my Team SHINee Scenarios would like to extend our apologies to those that has been waiting for our SFS last week.

We overlooked that matter. I forget to do S.F.S last week. 😦

I will upload it tmrw on 5/3/2011 okays!

Stay tune for my continuation on “No,she dont love him!” s.f.s!

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You: “I will call the police if u try to do something to me!!!”

You opened up your karate skilss,leaving the 5 boys to be shocked to death!

They looked at u..U stomped your feet out from the door and talked under your own breath.

You: “How can they be so rude! Asking a lady to go to the toilet! How cheecky can they be????”

U press the lift button and waited for the lift. u heard giggles behind u. And u turned.

It was Jaejoong and Donghae.Well,Who doesnt know Super Junior Members??

U blushed! Of course! Two gorgeous guys is behind u!

But,something took your smile away.

Jaejoong: “I dont know whats that stain on her dress. If she doesnt know how to take care of her self, i dont think White pants suits her. She is making a fool out of herself!!” Jaejoong was whispering to Donghae but its loud enough to be heard.

U bute your lips and quickly run to the toilet and true enough, there was a stain. Menses. =.=”

U had it wiped off.

You: “Aigoo!How am i suppose to face Jaejoong again?!?! What will he think of me!??!Aish! I should have listen to the 5 boys just now! Aish!!!!!”

U nagged at yourself and went out from the toilet.

U looked up and the 5 guys were walking towards u. U smiled.

Onew: (smiling so sweetly at u) “U are still here? I tought u have long went home. Anyways, do u have any plan after this? Wana join me doing something?”

Jong: (U looked at him and bowed,in another way,apologising for your actions just now) “Its okay. Its a small thing. Anyways, since u look so free, come and join me after this! i promise u will enjoy yourself!!”

Key: (He High 5 u as though u two are close friends since young) “Since ur new here,i wana bring u somewhere! Pls dont say NO to me..Pls.Pls.” (He make a super cute face till u laugh)

Minho: (He smile so handsomely and talk to u with the sweetest voice ever) “Its not so late yet. Can i bring you out somewhere?I will send u back home later,safely.I promise. Can i?”

Taemin: (He blushed and partially cover his mouth with his hand while he talks) “I cant believe i’m asking you this,but,do u mind following me somewhere?I need a friend.Er, a girl-friend to follow me….Will u?”

U looked into his eyes. Those eyes that has so much sincerity in it. U smiled and nod your head.

YOU: “Okay,just this time,cause just now,i mistaken your good motive. Lets go!”

The two of u take a cab together and went to a chalet. There was so many people. The place was decorated with so many balloons and flowers. Children songs were being played non stop. CHildren were running all around. He looked at u and smile.

YOU: “I’m dressed inappropriately for this. Can we go out for awhile and i will buy a new dress for myself?”

He shake his head and before he open up his mouth, someone walked to him and hugged him for so long.

She is in her 40s but wow! Her way she was dressed up, she looked way younger!

Your eyes met hers,and she loosen her hug. She walked towards u and touch your cheecks.

Mdm Yoorin: “Anneyeong haseyo! U look so sweet my dear! Whats your name?”

YOU: I’m Lysa.. (Looking at his eyes,he nod his head,instructing u to just answer her questions appropriately)

Mdm Yoorin: “I knew it,from the moment u came out from the cab, u are his GF. I’ve always been worreid about him having an idol as his GF. I dont fancy him marrying an idol. If both are idols, i dont think their marriage will be peaceful and loving. One will have concert here,one will go other country. But,after seeing u,a normal next-the-door girl, my heart is at peace. God Bless u my dear” And she kisses u at your forehead.

U gulped your saliva down and smile at Mdm Yoorin. Mdm Yoorin pull u and him together and bring u into the chalet. U sat on the sofa,next to him while Mdm Yoorin take food for u to eat.

YOU: “What is this? I did not even agreee to act as your GF!U shld have told me before coming here right??!? I hate to lie,do you know that esp to elderlies!”

He cover his face and after a few seconds,he turned and looked at u. His eyes are reddish and his tears went down.

Onew: “If i were to tell u first,i dont think u will agree to come i right? Tell me, is it wrong for someone to lie to make another person happy for the remainding days of her life?Tell me. Will u make someone that her days of living is numbered,sad and gloomy?”

Jong: “I chose u because i see in your eyes,some points of love,empathy,care n concern that not many girls these days has. I knew u would understand one day why i take this step of lying. I did this just to make her happy. happy during her last few days.”

Key: “I loss my grandmother, i dont want to loss my mother. But, i will loss her soon also. And theres no way i can stop it. But, i knew, i can do other things to make her days worth. Im sorry i had to pull u along to lie. Ur doing a good deed, im assuaring you….”

Minho: (He hold your hand and smile) “If u were in my shoe, and you knew your mom has always wanted to see u in a relationship,and your mom’s life is not gonna be long, will u lie the way i lie also?”

Taemin: “I hate lying to elderly also,just like u. Esp to my mom. But, this lie makes her happy. See,that was the first time i see her smile after a few months. Do u know?”

Your heart sank listening to his explanation.Your head turned towards Mdm Yoorin who was bringing in the food for the both of u.

Mdm Yoorin:”Come Lysa. Eat it while its still hot! I hope u like the fried rice.I cooked it myself. He loves my fried rice so much.So knowing that he is coming today with his GF,i cooked this especially for the both of u.”

U smile and slowly feed yourself. From the corner of your eyes,you can see the shiny smile of Mdm Yoorin,looking at u and him eating. your heart sank.

Mdm Yoorin: “So, any plans of marriage yet??”

You suddenly chocked on your food.He stood up and pour some drinks for u. U drank it and asked the question again.


MDM YOORIN: “Yah,marriage. any plans yet?”

Onew: “Omma!See,u make her blushed like anything! She is still 22 years old! For now, we wana enjoy our love life still.Am i right darling?”

Jong: (He hug your shoulder and laugh) “I wanted too but she is not ready yet,but,u said next year right??” (He winked at u and u nod your head)

Key: “Omma,u must train her first to be a perfect wife like u. Then i will propose to her. Omma can help me right to make her into a perfect wife?” (Key make a puppy face to his mum)

Minho: “Not at the moment omma.She still doesnt know how to cook. I dont want to be skinnier after marrying her!.. But,dont worry,i wont ever let anyone grab her away from me…”

Taemin: “Omma,we are only 18 (fake age. :)) We are still too young to think about marriage, give us 2 more years and we will give u your first grandchild!”

U pinched his thigh so hard that he yelped in pain and run over and hugged his mom.

Md Yoorin: “Lysa,do you know, He has this problem of saying I Love You? He wont be able to say it to those that he dont love. He will slurred so much. Come,i wana hear u say I love You to Lysa.. In your most romantic way ever!”

He looked u in the eyes.




to be continued….


Heh. Will he be able to say I LOVE YOU to Lysa?


What is actually mdm Yoorin suffering from?

Will they be able to keep up with the lie without anyone knowing?

Will Lysa be able to meet her prince charming,jaejoong again?

Lets see!

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U looked at the counter.There was a middle aged woman sitting in there.

Mdm Lee: “Are u here for the interview for Cleaner Position?”

You: “Yes,I am”

Mdm Lee: “Ok.Good News.U are accepted.”

U looked at Mdm Lee with full of shock!There’s no interview whatsoever,and suddenly.u were accepted?? U smiled at Mdm Lee and slowly asked her.

You: “Er,Then when can i start my work?And who can i learn it from?”

Mdm Lee shoved to u a piece of paper.

Mdm Lee: “Go to level 5.After u get out from the lift,turn right,And report to the Manager there.U will be the cleaner in that level. Oh yah, That level is really special level. All the idols,esp,The TOP Ones are always stationed there. U need to clean the space thoroughly and always be humble and polite. If u have any problem.Come back here and tell me ok.”

U nod your head and headed out from the office.U pressed the lift. Your hands were cold.You have noone there to be next to u here. As soon as the lift door open, U looked up and OMG, U felt like u were in heaven.

A super handsome guy was looking straight at u.

Jaejoong: “Do u want to enter the lift now or not??I dont have time to waste.” U quickly rush in and button 4 was already pressed. Oh,he’s going to level 4 also! you looked at  him from top to bottom and smile to yourself.

You: “Excuse me.Are u an idol also?It seems like i’ve seen u before.”

Jaejoong keep on tapping his leg as though he was really rushing for something.He place his hands on the ‘OPEN Door’ button to standby. Once the door is open,he run out from your side. U were left speechless.

U head over to the manager as instructed and was guided on the procedure on how your jobscope gonnabe like. U need to sweep,mop,wipe everything that is on level 4. Its not a big space furthermore.

But the most difficult one is to serve coffee and biscuit to idols,ensure that their concerns is well taken care of. ENSURE NO IDOLS COMPLAIN AGAINST U, Ten cleaners resigned within two months!

U bite your lips and carry on mopping the floor. As long as u work here,u can see the handsome guy just now!

U were mopping the floor when u hear noises. 5 man walk towards u and accidentally kicked your bucket of water. U looked at him sharply.

You: “Hello!Are u blind or what??”

He bowed down and gently take the bucket and hand it over to u.

Onew: “I’m really sorry.I should  have paid more attention while walking. (He take the mop from your hand and mop the floor that has water for u.)

Jong: (He look at u and bowed 90degress down) “I will help u clear the mess.” (He took off his jacket and wiper the floor with his jacket)

Key: “Omma!I’m sorry!I really did not mean to do it!” (He run to the toilet and take a lot of tissue and place it on the floor to let it absorb.) “U just have to stand there,Its my fault.I will have to clean it”

Minho: (He take the WET SIGNAGE board and place it over the pool of water.He pull up his sleeve and take the mop from your hand.He mopped the floor so intensely till the end of the room)

Taemin: “Aigoo noona.Im so sorry..What can i do to help you with this? But i dont know how to mop!! I feel so bad! Tell me other methods of cleaning this up!”

You smiled and shook your head.

You: “Next time,Pls walk with your eyes.Dont talk talk so much till you forget the world!”

Hearing at u nagging,HE laughed in his heart.She’s the only one that is brave enough to nag here!)


@4PM. U were already packing your bag home. At last,the day is over!

But,once u almost wanna step out,The maanger called u.

Manager: “Excuse me!I’m sorry. I need your help. The boys need some biscuits. Er,They dont like the biscuits here.U have to buy it at the roadside opp this buiding and also,buy 5 cans of coke for them.PLS..I will pay u overtime at the end of the month”

U nod your head and buy the bicuit for them. Idols cannot eat cheap biscuit is it?Must buy the expensive ones only is it?? Idols’ mouth and ours are the same right??

U mumbble all the way till u finally reach level 4 again.U place the biscuit on a plate and knock on the door.

When u enter the room, The 5 boys was rsting on the couch. It was the SAME bunch of boys that made u angry just now. U place the plate on the table and walk out quickly.

But,somethign stopped u. One of them speak out.

Onew: “Excuse me, er, i think u need to go to the toilet after this…..” (Onew stood up and talk to u,seriously)

Jong: (He took out his jacket and wrap it around your waist) “Go to the toilet quickly after this..”

Key: (He stood up,grab your hand and walk closely behind you and whisper at you) “I will accompany you till the toilet”

Minho: (He looekd at the rest and clear his throat) “U guys carry on,I will accompany her to the toilet..Will back soon”

Taemin: (He really dont know what to do,isntead he take a piece of tissue and write on it) ‘go to the toilet straight after this’

You were shocked.This guy dont know how to behave himself!!!!!

You: “I will call the police if u try to do something to me!!!”

You opened up your karate skilss,leaving the 5 boys to be shocked to death!

How can a complete sranger said that to a young girl????


LOL.What is actually happening here?? WHy is he acting like that?


Lets see!


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