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twitter re-S.F.S :))

Posted: 16/09/2010 in re-s.f.s, SHINee

When u are having an exam tmr and u are staying up late to study..

@aiupandaria onew: I’ll stay all night long with you. so let’s study

@KeyKisszxc Key: Yeobo , i’m sorry but i need to study for tmr , i promise you after the exam , we will go somewhere cheeky :B

@rui9912 key: alright, I’ll be by your side. Then I’ll think of new lyric for our rap

@KeyJoonz Key : Dont get too stressed okay, ask me if you’re not sure ^^ I’ll be here for you! ❤

@dinarsyafira minho: ok, i’ll wait until u finish ur study & fall asleep, and then i’ll carry you to your bed

@CRISRENCee TAEMIN:lil girl!be like onewhyung.nobeat him!be the 1st in the whole school ^^ !!GOODLUCKFORPSLE TOMORROW !

when u suddenly lost your handphone….

@aiupandaria onew: what are you worried about? just ask me to give you the new one, and done lol

@harulkakeybum onew:hm..maybe i’ll buy a phone after i get my pay and u must treat me fried chicken,okay?*winks*

@Queen_taem onew: don’t sad.. I’ll buy the new phone for you..but,you must wear that phone every time!!!:DD

@jongkeyyoogeun Jonghyun: it’s ok. i’ll just lend you one of my HPs. what do you want to use? blackberry or the other one?

@CancanAlejandro Jonghyun : aww, don’t sad . you want a kiss from me ? 😛

@KeyKisszxc Key: OMO , it’s okay yeobo , i can send you all my pictures to your new phone again ~ We can have couple phone too !

@rui9912 Key: Ok, I’ll buy one for you, blackberry okay ! Same phone as me, couple phone ! 😀

@KeyJoonz Key: Ok, I’ll buy one for you, blackberry okay ! Same phone as me, couple phone ! 😀

@dinarsyafira minho: it’s alright baby, i can buy u a new one.fortunately it’s not you who were lost, cos i can’t found sum1 like you >.<

@CHISRENCee Taemin:i bet u dropped it inside the toilet bowl xD

When u find a kitten outside SHINee dorm and bring it inside..

@aiupandaria onew: this kitten is really cute yeobo, just like you lol hahah

@AmikoSmackyou Jjong: since you have a dog already i know you wont mind having a kitten right. *aegyo with him*

@rui9912 Key: omo where did you find it !? Don’t put it near Roo ok, Jong will kill me ! Let’s help this kitten wash up ! (:

@harukakeybum key:yeobo!why kitten?i don’t like really kittens,i love u,’ll go ask hyung if we can keep it ,okay?a kiss?maybe later..hehe..

When u slipped infront of your SHINee bf…

@AmikoSmackyou Jjong: Babyboy i know you were save me. You’re my Romeo right ^^

@harukakeybum key:ah,yeobo,should be lucky that i save u!I won’t let other hyungs next to me save u..u are only mine!keke..*kisses cheeks*

@rui9912 Key: yah babo… * grab by waist* stare into my eyes and bobo ! xD

@dinarsyafira minho: *laugh out lot* how can my girl being so funny like this? where do you learn that? it must be from onew hyung! LOL

@NadhirELF taemin: noona… (hug u) u mustnot be this careless anymore ok…if i’m not around,who will save u?

surprise, your answers is actually compile as ONE and i make it a post. You, shawols have really a creative imaginations. ^^
S.F.S is taken from
TEAM TAEMIN ; Nurul Ain