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“Korean Idol Groups Appeal with High Quality Music”

SHINee, an idol group to make an official debut in Japan in March, have chosen as their partner EMI Japan, a company known for producing Utada Hikaru called national singer of Japan. Miyake Akira, who discovered and promoted Utada, will also be the producer for SHINee. After attending SHINee’s solo concert, he said he’d like to promote SHINee as an all-Asian pop group.

Why SHINee?
“I met them in Korea twice. They were fresh. I didn’t hesitate to make my decision to work with them. They are versatile, they can do diferent genres like ballad and dance, and each member has a different musical style. There are many groups with manly and strong images, but SHINee will appeal to the protective instinct of fans with their sensitive and cute images.”

The main target?
“Beyond the existing fanbase of Korean Wave, women of 30~50s, young women of 10~20s are showing explosive responses to them. SHINee is a rare idol group with sustainable contents such as good singing ability, purity, and creativity. It is unusual to make a successful concert even before an official debut and to fill the two and half hour concert only with performances. “

What is the strength of Korean idols?
“Korean idols appeal with their music, not just with constructed talents. Their musical ability and quality is much better than that of Japanese idols, and Korea has a more advanced training system. They come into the market in a perfectly prepared state.”

Your future plan?
Only the debut date has been confirmed. What is certain is that SHINee can’t be defined just as K-pop or J-pop, but will be Asian Pop, that is, A-pop. They will make a success in the Asian pop market after taking in new things from Japan after their debut.

[from Joongang Ilbo]
English Translation by jujugal

* Joongang Ilbo, one of three big newspaper agencies in Korea, reported on SHINee’s concert in 2 pages today. The above interview is on the right side page. Wow! I can’t stop wowing…


SHINee The 1st Concert in TOKYO”SHINee WORLD” Live Report

  • 1月19日(Wednesday) TV Pia
  • 1月19日(Wednesday) TV Guide
  • 1月24日(Monday) Monthly Appealing
  • 1月24日(Wednesday) haru*hana
  • 1月24日(Wednesday) ORICON BiZ

source: SHINee JP official website

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Arirang TV will air ‘Super K-pop Sydney 2011′ [*Korea-Australia  Friendship Concert], a concert held on Jan. 12 in Sydney, Australia,  through The M Wave Special at 6 p.m. on Jan. 23.

SHINee, Shin Seunghoon and Sohn Hoyoung participated in the concert, co-sponsored by Arirang TV and Korea Tourism Organization.

According to Arirang TV, people wrapped around the concert hall from  early morning to see the Korean singers, whose performances received  passionate responses from more than 2,500 audiences.

Source: Yonhap News
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Last year, MBC gathered over 120 members of various boy and girl groups  for an athletic competition during the Mid-Autumn Festival known as  Chuseok. The special episode was known as the Idol Star Atheltic  Championships. There, the members competed against each other in track  and field, with SM Entertainment winning the overall top prize. This  year, MBC has announced a swimming competition.

The group members have been announced to be participating in on the show:

T-ARA’s Hwayoung and Qri
Rainbow (All)
KARA’s Hara & Gyuri
2AM’s  Seulong
2PM’s  Wooyoung
Miss A’s Fei & Suzy
ZE:A’s Kwanghee
SHINee’s Minho

Filming starts on January 30th, are you excited to watch the competition?

cr: koreaboo


Onew and Key In MBC New Year’s Program

**To be Recorded on Jan. 20 (Thu.)**

*Title: New Year’s Special

*Guests: MBLAQ, SHINee (Onew, Key), Super Junior (Yesung), FT Island, ZE:A, Brown Eyed Girls, T-ARA, Miss A, After School, Sista, f(x) Luna, etc.
[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

Credit : Jujugal


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SUPER  JUNIOR and SHINee, Shin Hye Sung, Dae Guk Nama will be featured artists from the  popular Korean male artists “The 4th K-POP Super Live” will be held at the  Chiba Makuhari Event Hall on April 16.

The concert organizers DATV will pre-sale the tickets on the 11th for the limited audience. Day and Night Performance (Reserved Seats) price is 9,800 yen.

credit: datv


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