SHINee Shawols Rules And Regulations is another fansite created by SHINee fans. 😉 we are here to try and share NEW AND LATEST SHINee news that we
could collate
Comments are greatly welcomed. 😉

**Rules And Regulations

– There should’nt be any vulgarities word here! Respect is the utmost thing ever.

– Although you’re a biased of a certain member, NO CRITICISM should be made upon the other members! we all LOVE SHINee right?

–  Feel free to copy & paste the pics. But, the pictures  are always  WATERMARK/TAGGED  at all  time.

– If you have a video to share with us, email us at .

– If your posts & comments had been given five continous warnings by us, we will automatically banned you frm accessing this website.

ENGLISH is the main language here. Korean language is accepted too ( but pls include the meaning in eng too, in brackets)

– Basic Korean words usually used by Team Admins:

1)Saranghaeyo (i love u)

2)yeobo/jakiya (honey/darling)

3)bogoshipoyo (i miss u)


5)anneyeong! (hello!)

6) kamsahamnisa/gomawo (thank u)

7)omo! (its like OH MY GOD!)

8)chincha? (really)

As u guys know Korean words,when translated to english, the Spelling might be a little bit Different. SOme will spell jakiya while some spell it as Chagiya. but,It still means the same.

– All our posts & entries, will be credited to the respected webby or fansite, unless its watermarked ours. ALMOST ALL OUR PHOTOS ARE TAKEN FROM OTHER SOURCE, And it is always WATERMARKED or TAGGED by the original Editor.

– Thus,Sometimes due to time constraint/forgetfulness, We might Forget to end the post with “CREDIT: ____”  But, we will ensure that the photograph is CLEARLY TAGGED/WATERMARKED.

-All criticisms to our FANSITE are welcome with Open Arms as our TEAM ADMINS live by the saying “Critics are the ladder to Success!” You can email to us or u can drop us a comment BELOW THIS PAGE.

-Team Admins of this fansite are from SINGAPORE. Thus, the English used might be ‘very Singaporean english’. especially the SHORT FORMS etc. We will try our best to write our posts and especially our SHINee Funny Scenarios in the most perfect English. 🙂

– Absoloutely,NO SPAMMING!

-If u have any REQUEST on any particular Events,Updates,Videos,Pictures, please drop us an email at

– We’ve just officially started our fansite on : 20th March 2010(BLOGGER) : 25TH APRIL 2010(WordPress)

– Team Admins tend to make mistake in ; tenses, vocabulary, spelling & many more.

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  1. sjshineeme says:

    does any shineeshawols team have an individual twitter account?^_^

  2. sjshineeme says:

    may i no da twitter account please..^_^

  3. HJ :D says:

    how can i be a memeber of this fan site ? 😀

    • just send in your name to our SHINee SG profile if u are singaporean or Our INternational SHInee profile if u are from Abroad. :):)


  4. nice rules. 😀 sarang! sarang!

  5. Pipi G says:

    when is the real date of SHINee new album release?
    Where can i buy it in SG?

    • 6th July ; Teaser Release
      …8th July ; Music Release
      9th July ; Music Video Release/Music Bank Comeback
      10th July ; Music Core Comeback
      12th July ; Album Release

      About the music bank comeback,its still not confirm yet by SM. :):)

      Maybe, me and TEAM Key will be doing pre-order for SHINee new album. 🙂


  6. Aominmin says:

    Hi…I am AOM from Thailand.
    Nice to meet shineeshawols.
    SHINee, wish you get beautyful things. Love you all.

  7. Lin-ay Galeno says:

    Hi… I love shinee because they’re all cool… Min ho is my number one on the list because without him i wouldn’t be here.. I accidentally viewed the site where i saw his pics and oh my! He’s so cute.. I love Taemin too. I love his moves and hair in their latest music video ‘Lucifer’… love them all! Saranghaeyo Minho, Taemin, Jonghyun, Key and Onew… 🙂

  8. Lin-ay Galeno says:

    By the way, I’m a filipina and certified shinee fan… Team Minho!

  9. Hawk Eye says:

    Shinee needs to come to Boston!! My daughter and her friends love them!!!

  10. shinrinyoung says:

    i’m a proudly filipina fan of shinee.
    And i really admired onew and taemin.
    so lucky and blessed to have shinee shawols 🙂

    SHINEE!! without a doubt, you’re all i dream about.I fall in love with all of you all over again every single day.

    SHINee will continue shining ♥

  11. shinrinyoung says:

    when would shinee would go here again?


  12. Hi, nice to meet you !

  13. jieha says:

    how can i be member here?

  14. i love taemin oppa
    and love shinee too
    – thailand

  15. devin yui says:

    how can i be a member in here? reply please!!!!

  16. rikakotsu says:

    Hello! I’m a big fan of SHINee.^^
    I wanna join to this fansite.
    How can I be a member of it?

  17. Ratih says:

    This blog is very Helpfull…
    Naneun saranghae SHINee,Taem oppa neomu yeppeora
    i love you too…

    *Do the admins have personally emails..?

    Sorry if my english is not perferct,i’am Indonesian

  18. Charlotte says:

    HELLO!! haha!
    I am a fan of SHINee…May I know how can I be a member of SHINee Shawols?

  19. Zoey says:


  20. Pauline says:

    Hi, just want to say I watched Shinee’s first concert in Seoul on 1st Jan and really enjoyed myself. However, I felt the stage was simply too huge and the concert would have been better at a smaller venue. Hope their management company, SM Entertainment do not push the group to do things before they are fully ready. I look forward to Shinee’s next album.

  21. nurul ashikinlove shinee says:

    hi,,i fan of shine,,i love shinee too much,,

  22. se7en_taemin says:

    i love shinee!!!!!!!!!!
    love u taeminnie…

  23. celia says:

    Hi, just want to say I watched SHINee’s first concert in Seoul and their 1st concert. I was very happy to see them appear. But lately, I worry for their health, what SM entertainment was thinking about this?
    I hope MY LOVE were happy and healthy when they work

  24. ONEW_my_bias says:

    Hi. How do i become an official SHAWOL?
    could u email me @
    please put the subject as shinee shawols

    from:령 미 가.

  25. mai says:

    i am from the U.S! and i am super interested in your website! ^ . ^

  26. annyeong all 🙂
    i’m mutia 🙂 i from Indonesian,i’m 12yo 🙂
    i love shinee
    i love taemin :*

  27. tenzin yankee says:

    i want to become SHAWOL officially….plz let me to become!!! coz m crazy about SHINee….. they r driving me crazy…. <3<3 can't even study…i jus use to think about them in class n while sleeping LOL!!
    its funny but true….

  28. tenzin yankee says:

    i want to become SHAWOL officially….plz let me to become!!! coz m crazy about SHINee….. they r driving me crazy…. <3<3 can't even study…i jus use to think about them in class n while sleeping LOL!!
    its funny but true…. ^_^

  29. crazy4u says:

    I hope that one day the SHINee oppas can come to melbourne.. that would be the best day ever!

    (btw oppa is what a younger woman/girl calls a older guy.. i think you would know that.. but just saying anyway :P)

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