Jonghyun UFO Reply

Posted: 16/06/2011 in Jonghyun

[FAN]Today is June 14^^it’s a memorable day^^Although i’m still not an adult/under age!! But should you be giving me some thing?? hehe

[JOnghyun] Kiss Day 

[FAN]I think i like a English teacher What to do hoho

[Jonghyun]what can i do . don’t teach the kids !!


Source + Chinese translate : baidu | English Translate LoverSHINeee


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(In order)

Fan: Ah~CuteᄒᄒOppa is very free?
Jjong: Yes

Fan: UFO byong reply byong!!!~’ㅂ’~
Jjong: ㅛByobyobyong

Fan: Oppa!! I showed my friend your very handsome picture but she laughed!! I’m not happyㅜ
Jjong: ᄏ It’s up to personal preferences ᄏ

Fan: My friend keeps teasing meㅜㅜㅋ
Jjong: Who is it? Bring the person over~!

Fan: Oppa, your approved cutie is back!
JongHyun: There is only one or two cutie

Fan: When are all of you coming back..tail~*~
Jjong: July

Chinese translation: For_SHINee_World@weibo
English translation: babyblue-@soompi


  1. Chau tran says:

    wait he actually replied?

  2. Chau tran says:

    can you please tell me wat website and how to find him to send him messages?

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