SHINee @ Backstage

Posted: 30/05/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, taemin

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Sexy Jjong bb. Look at his arms! O.O
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JongKey ^^
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Source: Gregory Hwang’s twitter | Credit/Reup: kiana78 @ SHINee soompi thread


  1. KS Rocs says:

    whose dog is that in Taem`s hands??

  2. Maliha says:

    isnt it Jonghyuns pet Roo ?

  3. 2minie says:

    hahaha cute
    key had the same expression on his face as i did when seeing jonghyuns muscles^^
    hahahah SHINee fighting^^9

  4. KS Rocs says:

    no i think it must be one of Taem`s adam or Eve or Key`s Coco..
    Roo is not that curly…

  5. Barracks says:

    I think it is Taemin dog Eve.

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