Posted: 20/05/2011 in Onew
During the interview and photoshoot session, it seemed as if Onew was constantly observing the environment. If there were any shortages or problems, he would not hesitate to help. In comparison with magnae Taemin’s flower-like smile or sculpture like handsome boy Minho, Onew’s trademark “Ahahaha” laughter is never inferior. This is SHINee’s leader Onew, his leading style.

“Instead of lecturing members and telling them to do this and that, I’m just in charge of listening (to them) since everyone is doing their part very well already. Understand them and walk my own path. (laugh)”

Approaching the 4th year of SHINee since debut, many things have changed along the route but amongst them all, personal change is still the most important.

“Through activities with SHINee, my personality has changed a lot. Became more out-going? Compared to before, I’ve become closer with everyone. First of all, being recognized by a lot of people makes me feel good.”

Whilst SHINee establishes themselves as a talented group in the industry, the market is still expanding with lots of new groups debuting. Without realizing, you’ve become a ‘sunbae’ (senior) looking over these kids already, how do you feel?

“Currently I’m MC-ing for a program, I feel like the new groups are becoming younger and younger. Thinking back, we were like them too. Recently they all seem to be quite good.”

In addition to MC-ing, Onew has challenged himself in Musicals, and has received a lot of positive feedback and praises. However, it seems like SHINee will be promoting overseas, the question is do you feel stressed or afraid with the upcoming Japan activities?

“We’ve had a lot of performances in Japan before. Indeed, it will be great if we could bring more happiness (laughters) to our fans and communicate with everyone.”

As a guest on “Happy Together”, Onew sat next to the MC’s instead of the guest seats due to his outstanding variety skills which is widely recognized. Does this mean your variety sense will work in Japan too?

“Actually, I’m not sure if it is going to work. The more you put in, the higher chance it is to get more out? haha. (T/N: korean saying) Want to prepare a unique self-introduction. For example, “I-am-Onew-who-is-not-scared-of-scary-movies” something like this? (really?) might be scared inside but others will not know because there is no reaction.

Forgetting immediately when he feels frustrated, sleeping when he feels moody, singing songs he likes when he feels happy. Comparing with others, Onew is not much different…a realistic life and doesn’t really mind how people sees him.

“Comparing to what people say, I am just being my natural self. I have always been this kind of person”

We totally did not expect this early 20th generation boy is a 23 year old idol who has a greed to become a celebrity. His calm and natural mentality brings us many hidden surprises.

source: elle girl korea
chinese trans: onewtime



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