2011.05.05- Onew mentioned on Suju Kangin and dancer hyung’s twitter

Posted: 05/05/2011 in Onew

Park Sumin (dancer hyung)


I’m here with Chansub-hyung, Hyuckju-hyung, Kyungsuck-hyung, Go-jongsu, Kyungmin-hyung and Onew~ We are fishing, having a barbecue, drinking soju! It’s like a piece of art here..Youngwoon-a (Kangin’s real name), lets come here together when you are on vacation!! Onew caught 4 fishes ㅎ
Kangin’s reply to the dancer:


Isn’t Onew busy? There’s also beer grandpa and football player (2 dancer hyung’s nicknames). Onew-ya, are you close with female idols? Perhaps…autograph? Ah never mind

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