Protest at the Louvre attracts over 1,000 Kpop fans; fans organizes protests all over Europe

Posted: 03/05/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, SHINee, taemin
Protest at the Louvre attracts over 1,000 Kpop fans; fans organizes protests all over Europe

A few days ago, Koreaboo reported the protest and flashmob thatKpop fans in Europe have organized in attempts to sway SM Entertainment to give Europe fans another concert date. SM Town Live in Paris, the first Kpop concert to be held in Europe, will be held at Le Zenith in Paris, France on June 10th. 
The reason Europe fans have organized a mass of protest/flashmob is because Le Zenith only holds 6,000 seats. Therefore, many European Kpop fans were not able to buy a ticket to the first European Kpop concert. European Kpop fans hope that SM Entertainment will take notice of their efforts and give them a second date for SM Town Live in Paris.
The protest attracted attention from local French media and Korean broadcasting company, MBC. In the MBC news clip, a group of Kpop fans were interviewed and when asked which Kpop group they favored, they replied SHINee, TVXQ, SNSD, Super Junior, Teen Top, and Infinite. One fan said, “This is not something that occurs everyday. This is something we’ve been waiting for a long time.” 
Another fan said, “For a moment I was going to cry because I saw that it was full.” Another said, “There was a lot of people who couldn’t get their tickets. I would really love to go see it [the concert].”

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The protest/flashmob attracted over 1,000 fans to the Louvre Museum in front of its Pyramid. Fans were seen with their fan gears including, posters, face paint, and most of all, Kpop fan spirit. The event and the cheerful spirit of these fans even attracted non-Kpop fans, who stood near the crowd in curiosity. Flash mobFans at the Paris protest/flashmob were seen dancing SNSD’s new Japanese single, “Mr. Taxi,” despite it just having been released and showed their dedication to Kpop. In addition, they danced to Super Junior “Sorry Sorry,” TVXQ’s “Mirotic,” SHINee’s “Replay,” and f(x)’s “Lachata.” One set of fans also brought their guitar and the crowd sang a beautiful acoustic version of SHINee’s “Hello.”
FlashMob Paris “Hello” SHINee Korean Connection says, “We are so touched that this movement has not been just by Parisians, not just by the French, but also Europeans.”Other cities throughout Europe have also organized identical flashmob movements with the same objective as the Paris protest/flashmob:Bordeaux – Sunday May 1st, Place des Quinconces, fountainLyon – Sunday May 7th, Place des TerreauxToulouse – Friday, April 29th, Jardin Japonais (Japanese Garden)Nantes – Sunday May 1st, 39 Rue Félix ThomasLille – Saturday April 30th, Place De La RépubliqueMarseille – Saturday May 7th, Le parc borelyTour – Saturday April 30th, Place PlumereauStrasbourg – Saturday April 30th, Place KleberMetz – Sunday May 1st, Centre George PompidouPoitiers – Sunday May 1st, Place du Marché Notre-DameNimes – Tuesday May 3rdGenève – Saturday April 30th, Place du Molard Madrid (Asian Club) – Sunday May 1st, Puerta del SolBarcelona (Asian Club) – Sunday, May 1st, Arc De TriomfMunich – Saturday May 7th, Marienhof

source: koreaboo 


  1. 2minie says:

    i feel sorry for the French fans
    but SHINee still need to come to brisbane
    (or else i’ll start a protest, anyone wanna join^^)
    French SHINee fans fighting^^9!!!!!

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