UFO Jonghyun Reply

Posted: 18/04/2011 in Jonghyun

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[To : Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin] Let’s meet now~ meet right away~~(/^o^)/[From: Jonghyun] It’s late already

[To: Jonghyun] Play the guitar for me keke I want to learn how to play the guitar too[From : Jonghyun] ke then what are you going to give me

[To: Jonghyun] I… it’s saturday and I didn’t get to watch Music Core, am a student that needs to go to school to study.. ㅠ[From : Jonghyun] Study hard… you will feel rewarded in return

[To : Jonghyun] What are you doing~?.?
[From : Jonghyun] Training

source;ufotown , found at:we are shining



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