[NEWS]Confirmed News about Hanakimi Roles from SME

Posted: 05/04/2011 in Minho

When news that SMent is going to film “Hana Kimi” started spreading, netizens have been making up their own dream-cast lists. Recently, SM officials have already released part of the cast list on their official site. The current list had SHINee’s Minho as popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano, SNSD’s Yoona as the female lead Mizuki Ashiya, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul would act Shuichi Nakatsu as who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality. Leeteuk would be acting as a flirtatious senior . The current list might still under go changes

Cr : Tumblr
Shared by : MYShawols


  1. oneforshinee says:

    oh my god! I hope it’ll never change @.@

  2. Masio says:

    hahaha… i like it…

  3. 2minie says:

    ahhhhhh MINHO i cant wait i hope it doesn’t change
    if he’s in it i have to buy it^^(i’m so excited the Japanese one is super cool but this one will be heaps better!!!!!!^^)

  4. Aki-moto says:

    Somehow, none of the chosen cast surprises me…their real life pretty much fits their on-screen role.

    Except for Yoona. I’m sorry, but I don’t care how pretty she’s supposed to be – she is not a good actress. I watched her try to cry on screen and it was absolutely painful at how fake it was.

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