2011.04.02- More Onew UFO Replie

Posted: 05/04/2011 in Onew, UFO replies
2011.04.02 19:27
[FAN]: My throat hurts so I ate some throat lozenges~ ^.^ Hehehe~ Need to record today~! You will do well right? keke
[ONEW]: Will do well~!

2011.04.02 19:40
[FAN]: Bought your photobook!! Bought it in early March ㅠ Delivery only starts in early May ㅠㅠ Need to wait sucha long time
[ONEW]: Aigoo~ so late

[FAN](Onew Minho): Today need to record music core! School just ended for me but still want to go ㅠㅠ
[ONEW]: Good job

[FAN]: Do you like strawberry milk or chocolate milk?
[ONEW]: Strawberry~

[FAN]: Oppa looks like cyndaquil from pokemon (T/N: cyndaquil looks like this)
[ONEW]: No I don’t no I don’t

source: shakizi /wb

  1. Ina_MVP says:

    Onew Oppa you really realy look like cyndaquil from pokemon. it’s cute!
    You have eyes charming.

  2. dubulover says:

    haha!!XD soo funny!!

  3. diana says:

    what does UFO stand for? and how do you comment on it? i couldn’t figure it out… sorry for a probably dumb question, but can anyone tell me please 😦

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