S.F.S *No,She don’t love him! (Part 4)*

Posted: 02/04/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, Scenarios, SHINee, taemin

From SHINee apartment,He can clearly see u standing next to jaejoong waiting for a cab. His eyes get teary. And hsi heart feel heavy.

When the taxi arrives,Jaejoong opened the door for u. But before u enter,U looked upp the building and u catches HIM looking at u. U stopped. Your eyes met.

HE quickly pull down the window blinds and continue practising.

Seeing you with jaejoong. Why does his mood suddenly change?

Seeing HIM pretending not knowing u.Why do u feel sad and uncomfortable about it?

Seeing this two acting like this,What is actually happening???


The next day,it was the usual routine for u. Before u stepped into the office to began your Cleaner Duty,u had your breakfast at the nearest Coffeeshop.Alone.

Many fans are surrounding the main entrance of the SM Building. U smile and whisper to yourself ‘Wah,This girls are really crazy about this idols!Dont they have anythign better else to do?”

When u are finally done with your breakfast,U walked through the crowd and a girl pull your hand. You turned.It was your 16 year old cousin.

Kate: “Lysa!!Are u working here?????”

U hugged your cousin,Kate,so tightly and pulled her to one corner.

YOU: “yes i am!but only as a cleaner! U are here for?…” (And u looked at the poster that she was holding…..)

It was His Poster.

Kate: “OMG!I’m a big big fan of SHINee!And i really like this guy!This one here!Im sure u have seen him before!! Can u sneeke me in and let me see him pls pls pls?? I promise i will behave myself!”

You think hard. Kate is very close to u and furthermore,her family has always been helping u and your family.U showed your pass to the secuirty guard and tell him that Kate is helping u with the cleaning as u are not feeling well. He let Kate into the building.

YOU: “Good for u. I’m working at level 4.The level that SHINee,Super Junior is allocated at! So,i’m sure u can see them! But remember, behave okay!”

Kate hugged u. 😉

When it was 12noon, SHINee arrived and when they walked past u, u smiled at him. Instead of looking at u, he turned towards kate and smiled.

He:”Hey sweetheart! Who are u?”

Kate: “I’m KATE. And i’m Lysa’s cousin. I’ve been a big fan of SHINee!!!! Can i have your autograph please??”

He: “Well,not only autograph,u can also take a picture with me. Lysa,could you help us with this?”

U nod your head and take a picture for them. Kate was jumping for joy.

He: “Well, we are busy with our recprding now.DO u wanna see how we actually record our songs?But,u must promise, u cant make much noise alright?”

Kate smiled and she followed the other SHINee member into a room. U looked at him.

Lysa: “Whats wrong with you? Why have u been ignoring me?Did i do anything wrong?”

He: “No,u did not.Its just that i took the wrong steps. I shouldnt have ask u to act like my GF.Jaejoong might get the wrong impression u see”

Lysa: (U swallow your saliva) “Jaejoong???”

He: “Yeah,U are close to him.Much closer to him rather than to me.Am i right?”

Lysa: “U get it all wrong.All wrong.I and him are just friends!!”

He: “Are u serious??”

U smiled and nod your head.

Lysa: “Well,but,he is much much good looking than u. Of course,i was attracted to him at first. But, er, i’m more comfortable with u,rather than with him. I just treat him as an oppa. thats all. EH WAIT! Why am i explaining all this to u???”

He laughed and go near to u.

He: “Cause we are a couple,remember…I think i love you Lysa”

U choked once again.Did he say the POWERFUL THREE WORDS??? I LOVE YOU??

He hold your hands and looked into your eyes.

He: “Believe me. I’m falling in love with  you. Will u agree to be with me?”

You nod your head and smile “Yes,I will. With all my heart”

He leaped into the air as though he won a gold medal! U laughed looking at the way he reacted.

He: “But sweetheart, For now, lets dont reveal to anyone about our relationship okay.Lets just stay like this.Cause the higher authority wont like me to be in a relationship when i’m busy with my new album with SHINee. Is it okay with you?”

You: “yes. I will follow whatever that u say my dear.Now go. Sing with all your heart.Remember,I’ll always be here outside waiting for u okay!”


@3PM. U enter JaeJoong’s room to deliver some important mail for him. He was busy typing sumthing on his lappy. U leave the room once u place the document on the table. But he touched your hand.

JaeJoong: “Lysa,I need your help. I need you to sew my jacket for me.A fan pulled it so hard till it gets torn.CAn u?”

YOU: “Sure,i can!I will do it outside cause im worried someone might be looking for me there.I will pass it to u after im done with it ok”

You sat down at the couch and began sewing.Suddenly an SMS popped up.Its from HIM!!

Onew: U are the only one that can make my tiring day brighten up again. U are the only one that has the key to my heart. Can u help me?I think im suffocated with your love”

Jong: Although we have just known one another,trust me. I will love u for the rest of my life and i wont ever betray you.I will love u like noone ever did.

Key: If i can get out from this studio now,I would bring you to the playground and play with u till late afternoon. I miss your smile and your laughters already.

Minho: Why is the time passing by slowly in here? Simply said,Cause there isnt u. 😦

Taemin:Your smile are all over my mind now, even when i close my eyes when we have a break,i keep seeing your smile. U r so addictive

U laughed alone upon reading the text message.

Suddenly,someone closes your eyes from behind. U put down the jacket and hold the person’s hand that was on your eyes.

YOU: “DO u know that i miss u a lot? I love u so much..Faster faster,finish your work and lets eat together.”

He let go of his hand and walk infront of u.

Jaejoong: “I love you too”….


U’ve gotten yourself into BIG TROUBLE!


How will u answer him back?


Rectangle love?


hey all!Im sorry,i have not been writing this continuation for so long!

Pardon us,sometimes,our work gets too much,SFS slipped off our mind 😦

Our workload is getting more and more.

Sorry for those that has always been waiting so patiently for our SFS.

I’ hope u love this short continuation. 🙂

Rest well all!


  1. Denisa says:

    ohhh my akward O.O
    this cant work out well… what will onew oppa think :O
    please update soon!

  2. niji says:

    oh my key~
    my diva will be mad! Dx!

    thanks hoohooohooo!
    i will wait 4 update! 😀

  3. NING says:

    OMG! It’s so complicated!
    I just want my SHINee Bias! =P
    Oops… sorry jaejoong ><

    LOL!!! ❤

  4. bel says:

    i really love this SFS!
    omo! DBSK is my first love… although YUNHO is my bias, i like Jaejoong as well…
    what about my KI BUM???
    i can’t wait for the next part…
    thank you for updating… 🙂

  5. DONNO says:

    I REALLY HOPE YOU DO MORE OF THESE AND FASTER~ i reali love them ❤ 😦 too bad its not as often as before 😦

  6. Denisa says:

    …will you be updating soon? its been like 3 weeks

  7. nabila says:


  8. nabila says:


  9. Serene says:

    It’s been so long already…..

  10. shinynoona says:

    S.F.S *No,She don’t love him! PART 5* PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

  11. 2minie says:

    these are addictive like k-dramas^^(hahaha)
    i beg you please post #5^^

  12. e_pah says:


  13. Chimu-chi says:

    What’s happening here??? no updates…. And Taemin’s b-day is coming up, I’m waiting for a page where we can wish him congratz :s

  14. aulia says:

    Admin where is the part 5 …??? It’s so longgggggg……..

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