KEY Me2day Update ;)

Posted: 30/03/2011 in Key


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[Key] 하하! 날씨 좋습니다! 언능 만나고 싶군요… 아! 맞다~ 제가 너무 좋아하는 선데이누나가 출연하는 ‘오페라스타’ 많이 시청 바랍니다! 저도 너무너무 기대를 많이 하고 있는데요, 여러분도 응원 많이 보내주세요 ‘_’
translation: haha! the weather is so good! want to see you all soon… ah! oh yes~ i hope everyone watches my favourite sunday noona on ‘Opera Star 2011’ I am also anticipating it, everyone please give your support ‘_’

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  1. sachia says:

    AH!!!! Key oppa!!! Miss u and SHINee so much!!! He looks so cool with that giasses^^

  2. KeyNa says:

    Yeah yeah yeah so cool my Almighty ❤ Saranghae you only1

  3. salome says:

    his sexy lips and tongue…

  4. shineemax says:

    I support you always!
    Keep up a good job.
    Don’t ever change!
    We love you just the ways you are!!

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