SHINee and their pets!

Posted: 29/03/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, taemin

Taemin: Adam & Eve

Tae Min named his cute toy poodle “Eve” to commemorate their first meet on Christmas Eve of 2006. Lee Tae Min expressed his love for Eve by stating, “Every day when I open my eyes in the morning and close my eyes at night, you are always next to me. That’s the happiest time of the day. Let’s always be together for the start and end of everything for a long time! I’ll love you more.”

  • Has 2 dogs, named Adam and Eve.
  • Taemin thanked his dogs in the Lucifer Album’s Thanks To page.
  • In EUL, Taemin revealed that when he misses his dogs and wants to see them, he will video call them.
    I’m living in our dorm so I don’t have time to meet them…If I really want to meet them, I will use the videophone to see them. I don’t have animals that I dislike ^^.
  • In Elle Magazine, Taemin said that the most recent person he has said I love you, was to his dogs.
    Q: Recently who do you say “I love you” to?
    A: Eve and Adam, my puppies.

Key: CoCo

Kim Ki Bum named his Yorkshire Terrier “Coco” because the first thing that popped into his mind when he saw brown “Coco” was a chocolate cookie. He commented, “My lovely treasure Coco, I truly want to live forever with you. I’ll never be apart from you!”

  • InEUL, it was revealed that Key thinks that cats are cuter because he has a dog.
    “I like both cat and dog, since we have a dog in our house, I feel that cat is cuter.”

Jonghyun: Roo

  • Jonghyun has a dog named roo.
  • Jonghyun’s favorite dog is a collie, he always wanted one.
  • Roo was initially suppose to be a surprise birthday present for his sister Seodam.
  • When Jonghyun first bought roo he brought him into the dorm the first night and roo pooped on minho’s bed.
  • Jonghyun felt sorry so he let minho name the dog.
  • Out of anger, Minho said, “He’s not that impressive, just call him Roo!”

Credits: google/tumblr/ Owners


  1. hanA says:

    key also get a puppy from a noona in Love Pursuer rite?

  2. Bubbles says:

    Awww that’s so sad Jonghyun’s dog took a crap on Minho’s bed. Lol but @ least Minho got to name it, and i think Roo is an adorable name :p

  3. toast says:

    lol that’s how minho got to name jong’s dog

  4. Fay says:

    Awww thats soo cuutee

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