yoogeun at the hairdresser

Posted: 26/03/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, SHINee, taemin, Yoogeun Ah !

so initially, yoogeun is all grumpy and upset at his unfashionable headgear

so what’s the best way to cheer yoogueng baby up?

SHINee Appas! ❤

Credits: owner


  1. Ina_mvp SHAWOL says:

    What an adorable baby!
    loved his expression, really really cute & big eyes!!!!
    his look alike Shinee appa…
    pic.1 like minho appa, expression with big eyes.
    pic.2 like Jjong Appa, oh baby cry.
    pic.3 like onew Appa, oh so cute!!!
    pic.4 like Key appa, Really really Key Appa.
    Pic.5 like tae Appa, watching HeLLo MV.

  2. blingblinglocket says:

    aww~~ he’s watching hello~~~ that’s so cuteeee
    he misses his appas doesn’t he?

  3. baizatul says:

    aigooo…so cute…look at his eyes…so adorable

  4. C says:

    SOOO cute. But isn’t he a bit too young to get his hair done like that?

  5. alynn88 says:

    hee~ SHINee appas surely can cheer him up even through laptop only… 🙂

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