SHINee and f(x) pictorial for Auction

Posted: 26/03/2011 in Photo, SHINee

Popular idol groups SHINee and f(x) have transformed into the fresh heralds of spring.

The online market Auction revealed today that the SHINee and f(x) members took part in a shoot for an online pictorial book.

In  this pictorial, they are seen posing with props like colourful balloons  and party hats, and are dressed in refreshing clothes that match well  with spring.

Their agency conveyed, “In order to complete this  pictorial, the members of both groups worked tirelessly, showing only  their joyful images.”

It was also said that SHINee’s leader Onew  lifted the mood and created a very harmonious atmosphere by cracking  jokes with the other members and staff present.

All of the SHINee  members worked hard without letting slip any exhausted expressions;  instead, with smiles and mischievous energy, they completed the shoot  with a dance rap accompanying them in the background.

f(x)’s Victoria acted as the group’s maknae by delivering snacks to her worn out juniors.

The Onew-Sulli and Minho-Victoria couples also showed off how well matched they were.

Meanwhile,  Auction will be carrying out advertising and marketing with SHINee and  f(x) as their main models for a year, starting this month.

Source: EBN News / Newsis, Keyboard



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