Hot Key!

Posted: 22/03/2011 in Key, Photo

Have you guys seen this before? I totally melt, after seeing this! >.<

Credit: owner


  1. KaHyun says:

    OMG >..< … When is this ?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! HE IS EFFING HOT ~ ❤

  2. ruth theodora says:

    O God melted.. Speechless

  3. tybumho says:

    OMG>.< key…. aaaaahhhhh *scream*

  4. alynn88 says:

    he is totally awesome !

  5. Uyen My says:

    That picture is not real. (;

  6. Amanda says:

    This body is from Lee Joon in Kan Mi Yeon – Going Crazy

  7. pondhyde says:

    wow !

  8. shinynoona says:

    Lee Joon’s body (;

  9. ruby says:

    lolz lee joons body+keys head XD

  10. *(* Nida *)* says:

    i will be fainted if the pic is absolutely key’s body and head… *stun*

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