S.F.S *sacrifices in life, [ PART1 ] *

Posted: 19/03/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, Scenarios, SHINee, taemin

Your SHINee bf ‘s schedules were all not very early today, so he sent you to school 😀

he surprised you at your house when you were about to leave your house for school.

upon reaching your school, there was still time and so he followed you to your locker as you wanted to take your books. when you turned to your locker, there was somebody standing there waiting for you.

YOU: aish, him again! just what i need first thing in the morning!

SHINee bf:  (taps your shoulder) ermm, baby, who is he?

Before he could wait for your answer, you already had walked over to your locker. Your SHINee bf then just followed after you.

YOU: Yes? Just what do you want from me again? Do you always have to find me all the time?

Guy: Oh _(your name)__ ! You’re here in school already! i’ve been waiting for you! i was so afraid you won’t make it to school! Here, this is for you.

the guy takes out a beautifully wrapped box with a flower placed on top of it.

you just stood there not saying anything while your SHINee bf was in shock, his mouth was just wide open!

Guy: i know its not your birthday, but i hope you will accept this gift from me, and also soon accept my love for you. oh, i see you have someone beside you, is he your brother? he looks really familiar!

Onew: Hold on, wait a min! Who ARE you? Don’t you know who am i? Of course i look familiar! Go google search SHINee and you’ll know! How much more irritating can you get? Coming to look for my gf, giving her  presents, and then you don’t even know who am i?? Forget about google searching! I’m her bf! Heard that?

Jonghyun: he will take the present from the guy, open it, and look at what was inside. ” What? this is what you are giving her? your gift is not even suitable for her! she is way worth your crappish present! i think you’re too much! giving these sort of present? and, you don’t know who am i? I’m not her brother! I’m not related to her! I mean, not blood related, but she’s my gf! WE ARE RELATED! ”

Key: pffft, what kind of present is this? its not even hand made! not sincere at all! sucha a failure! next time, please do a better job! hello, i think this lady here is too kind to tell you that i’m actually not her brother, i’m her very fashionable bf! Look at you! that outfit that you are wearing is horrible!

Minho: he will take a step towards the guy. ” NUMBER 1 : i don’t think its is necessary for you to be giving her a present since you are not related to her. NUMBER 2 : I’m not her brother. NUMBER 3: i’m not her brother because i’m her bf so stay away before you regret it! ”

Taemin: ehh, hyung are. she’s not going to accept her present because she does not like you. she likes someone else you know! i’m not her brother either. eee, your present here is coming off already! oh, you know why she will not accept your present? because i’m her bf!

the gift was returned to the guy and you asked him to leave you. you then took your things and went to your class.
after school on your way out of the school, your cell buzzed.
SHINee bf: i’m at your school canteen, come look for me, we’ll go out after this ok? 🙂
of course, you were so happy to see your SHINee bf after a long day at school. you went to look for him at the canteen and soon you guys were on your way out of school.
at the exit of your school, you heard your name being called loudly by someone behind you, you turned around.
And there you saw HIM again running towards your direction!
Guy: Hey! I was looking all over for you! Shall we go out for dinner! I’m sure you’re starving! let’s go! i won’t take no for an answer!
You gave a deep sigh, why does he have to keep following you?!

Onew: why are you here again? are you looking for the toilet or are you hungry? because you are going in the wrong direction. i think you need to go to the science lab, your ears might have some problem when i said just now that she’s my gf! i tried to be polite, but i guess you are going too far~

Jonghyun: hey. that’s enough! stop bugging her already! don’t you feel like you’re some chewing gum or something? you keep sticking onto people! can’t you tell from her face that she’s annoyed? leave her alone, understand! i’m going to say this again to your deaf ears, I’M HERE BF SO STAY AWAY FROM HER!

Key: yah yah yah! that’s it! i’m not a very sensitive person, but you have crossed the line! i told you already, she’s my gf! so why are you still trying to get her to go out with you? do you need me to tell and nag at you everytime that she’s my gf? wait, i don’t even want to waste my breath on a  person like you! i’d rather nag at the people i love and care for, PEOPLE LIKE MY GF!

Minho: please do not ever do this again. i told you already, you will regret it if you try to mess with CHOI MINHO!

Taemin: excuse me mister, don’t you know its not nice to steal someone’s gf? you do know that right? BUT YOU ARE STEALING MINE! don’t disturb her anymore or you will get it from me! don’t think i don’t dare to do anything to you!

the guy then left the two of you in shock. you were satisfied, you meant alot to your bf!

the both of you left the school grounds and were walking down the street. suddenly, a strong cold wind blew.

you shivered and hugged yourself. looking at you shivering,

Onew: yeobo, are you cold? that horrible guy just  now must have made you so mad that when you came out, and because of the sudden temperature change, you must have felt so cold! come, i think you are hungry too, let’s go find something for you. no chicken today, anything you want 🙂

Jonghyun: you cold? ( he will hug you closer to him ) come, we should get you warm, you must be hungry thats why you feel cold. let’s go get something for you to eat.

Key: jakiya, you’re too skinny! thats why you feel cold easily! see, like me, i don’t feel cold! next time, you must always remember to eat more! i should feed you some nice food and cook more often for you too. come, let’s go get something to eat first! horrible wind, blow my gf!

Minho: ( he will take off his coat and put it over you) sorry i was to busy talking to that guy just now, so i did not care much about you. now you’re cold right! you look abit pale too. i think you’re also hungry after a long day at school, let’s go eat, can’t starve you.

Taemin: ( he will hold on to your hands) baby, are you cold? i’m feeling abit cold too, that wind is so strong! let’s go find some place warm and we can get a bite too. i’m feeling hungry, must have wasted my energy talking to that guy just now!

after walking for awhile more, you both decided to settle at a cafe. eating dinner at a cafe, cool 😀  you felt warm again after a hot drink your SHINee bf got for you.

SHINee bf: Yeobo, i see my friend opposite the road, i’ll go look for him first. you sit here and eat slowly ok? keep yourself warm. need anything, call me.

he then left the cafe and crossed the road. you ate as you saw him walking on the streets.


what will happen to your SHINee bf?

what will happen to you at the cafe?

will the guy come and find you again?

does the title mean anything?

hehe, short sfs today guys, sorry for that 😛 anws, i could not think of a name for the guy, but i think i know now, i’ll just call him GUY. so the name is GUY, LOLOLOLOLOL!

hope you enjoy the story!


  1. kim patricia says:

    omoooo. i love it!!!!

  2. Serene says:

    LOVE IT!

  3. OnDubu says:

    hahaha!! I hate that GUY he keep on following me!!
    really really Love It!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ^^

  4. Eileen says:

    omg so cute! i love it but i wish you could update Fake Couple. ❤

  5. OnDubu says:

    yeah yeah!! I Hope Fake Couple chapter 10 part 2 will come out very very soooooooooon!!! ^^

  6. Nicole says:


  7. NING says:

    is this gonna be like a sad S.F.S again >.<"
    my bf will be FINE 😛
    Cant wait for the next part!

    I am so looking forward for
    S.F.S *No,She don’t love him! (Part 4)! XD

  8. Star Shine says:

    i can’t wait for the next part of [no,she don’t love him]!!

    this one is interesting but i can’t concentrate because the previous one isn’t over yet! keke

  9. alynn88 says:

    oh my . it is so cutee ! love it . ❤

  10. Vanessa.M says:

    Wow nice story ^^ I love it but please don’t be a sad ending i don’t wan tto cry.. 🙂

  11. LJK_chicken says:

    OMG onew accepted no chicken tonight?? wow…he must care a lot 🙂 ❤ dubu

  12. *(* Nida *)* says:

    plsssssss continue this :'(((((((… it has been aged!!!!

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