[ENG] Jiyeon and Onew talking about Symtom of Love @ Music Core

Posted: 19/03/2011 in Onew, Videos


Jiyeon – Onew-ssi, do you know what kind of symtom you’ll have when in love?
Onew – Well, I don’t know…
Jiyeon – You’ll have your smile ear to ear and reach out your left hand, effected by right-brain that controls emotion.
Onew – Oh, so… for that…. you’ve always reached your left hand out to me…
Jiyeon – ………? It’s all because I’m holding my mike with my right hand.
Onew – !!! Ah….. yeap……. that’s right……

Credits: Vid Owner


  1. […] credit: shineeshawols | indotrans: oneforshinee […]

  2. Tracy says:

    Aw, poor Onew, maybe he thought she DID like him? I’d reach for him with BOTH hands!! ❤

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