Minho Gift to his choreographer

Posted: 17/03/2011 in Minho

굉장히 빛나는 칭구들중에 불꽃같은 녀석한테 선물받았어욧! 자랑질 ㅋㅋㅋ
직접 만들어준 신발 beatburger 문구랑 색깔다 맘에듬! 근데…
아까워서 어케신어!! ㅋㅋㅋ

– – –

SHINee’s Minho looks warm when he put in his effort (in making the gift). SHINee’s choreographer Shin Jaewon uploaded a picture of the gift Minho gave him through twitter. The pair of track shoes Minho gave him is from a famous sports brand. Black and red, with white in the middle, and it seems like one part is written with the words “Minho”. In response to Minho’s gift, Shin Jaewon wrote “Among the shining friends, the one who is like a flame, I received a gift from him. Showing off!” “Self-made shoes “beatburger”, I like the words and colours very much…but…it will be a pity if I wear it just like that!” showing his gratitude (to Minho). Those who saw this news mentioned “I know he has outer-beauty, didn’t know he has even better inner-beauty” “It’s a really heart-warming gift, I like him even more now”.

source: Jaewon’s twitter & baidu
english translation: weareshining


  1. rosa says:

    mi vidooooooooooo

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