Fan account: Meeting Angel Taemin at a Street Corner

Posted: 13/03/2011 in taemin

A fan met Taemin and Minho, dressed in their school uniforms near  Taemin’s school. They were at a street corner waiting for the traffic  light to change.

Suddenly, a stray cat wandered across the road while the cars were  still moving. Taemin said, “Oh no!” and ran across the road to pick it  up in his arms. He said “sorry” and stroked the red part of the cat (the  cat may have been injured). He put the cat onto the pedestrian crossing  and kept looking at it until it left.


Translation: baidu


  1. Xiaoqian says:

    Aww, angel Taemin. That’s sweet of you! But that is dangerous! Please becareful!

  2. Ina_mvp SHAWOL says:

    so cute! Taemin-goon, Please becareful!

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