S.F.S *No,She don’t love him! (Part 3)*

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Md Yoorin: “Lysa,do you know, He has this problem of saying I Love You? He wont be able to say it to those that he dont love. He will slurred so much. Come,i wana hear u say I love You to Lysa.. In your most romantic way ever!”

He looked u in the eyes..

U looked into his eyes…. Can he say the powerful three words to u??

He opened his mouth.

Onew: (He hold your hand and wink at u) “Ur the most perfect woman tt i eve saw in this world. I…..I……Promise i will treasure u till the day i leave this world.”

Jong: (He touch your cheecks and caress it slowly) “I Love the way u smile,laugh,nag,talk etc.Infact,i love everything that u do.It brings chills down my spine.. DO u know what makes me fall in love with u? Its your sweetness. I was blinded by that…”

Key: (He hugged your shoulder and smiled at u) “U always said u love it when i hugged u.Whereas for me,I love doing this to u cause it makes me feel as though u belong with me only..” (He tipped up your chin and smile) “Promise me u wont ever leave me sweety”

Minho: (He bend down on his knee and hold your hands) “Ur definitely not my first love sweety,But,Ur my true love. When i first saw you,i still remember. U were wearing a long floral dress and u were busy picking up fruits on the floor that u dropped.I helped u to pick it up,and then,u wipe one of the fruits with your dress and u gave it to me. That was the sweetest fruit ever!”

Taemin: (He walked towards u with a flower behind his back,Once he was infront of u,He put the flower in your hair and winked at u.) “See,Mom,This is my princess. My one and only. My one and only princess that is able to tolerate with my nonsense!”\

Mdm Yoorin’s eyes become teary.She did not expect er son to be so romantic as that. She walked up to and hugged u for so long.

Mdm Yoorin: “Dearest,Pls help me take good care of him when aunty is not around anymore. I’m sure he will love u till the rest of his life.If one day,he fights with u or scold u,come to me and i’ll scold him for u.Okay?”

Your tears went down your eyes too!U hugged Mdm Yoorin so tightly.

When its almost 11PM,The both of u went back. He send u to your house.

When the cab finally reaches your house,u looked at him.He was sleeping.

YOU: “I’ve never seen u as handsome as tonight.Those eyes of yours.Those lips.Those hair. Wow,U get me captivated tonight..How i wish u were really my BF! Ehs,no way!Jaejoong is still the best.His looks are a true killer.”

Your fingers traced down his forehead and when it reaches his nose,he suddenly sneeze.U pull your hand away from him quickly! He grabbed it back and pull it close to hsi heart.

Onew: “Promise me u wont leave me again!Can u pls promise me that u will love me like how i love you?”

Jong: “When i see your face,Theres only one thing that i want to do. I wana stand at the tallest hill in the world and shout I LOVE LYSA SO MUCHHHHH!!!”

Key: “When i see other guys looking at u,my temper suddenly shot up. But,when i looked back at u and realised that your eyes were on me all the time,I became the happiest man on earth cause i know i had the best girl ever in the world”

Minho: “I’m definitely not good with romantic words or wishes.But,i wana u to know that U’r my love. My one and only love that noone can steal from me!”

Taemin: “When people call me cute,i wished you would call me that too.When people call me handsome,i wished u would call me that too. When people call me darling,i wished u would call me that too…But when u said i love you to me,i wished u will call me that again and again and again”

U laughed so timidly. U knew he were talking in his sleep. How lucky will his GF be to have him in her life? U took out your camera and snatch a picture of him sleeping so cosily.

Suddenly the driver turned back.

Driver: “I think i have reached here since 10 minutes ago.Do u wana alight here or u wana stay in my cab till the next day?I dont mind but the taxi fare is increasing.”

YOU: “Uncle,i dont have the heart to wake him up.Can u continue driving us around until he wakes up?Dont worry,i will pay for the meter.Thank u.”

And the driver drove u around the estate. When there was a traffic light,the cab stopped and suddenly u noticed a whole bunch of girls crossing the road. If they turned towards the cab,they will definitely see him and they will spread the gossip around.U quickly put him gently on your lap and pat him on his shoulder.

The driver smiled looking at how romantically u were concernec about him.

@1Am,He finally woken up. He rubbed his eyes and saw the taxi fare.Its 70bucks already. He looked at u.

YOU: “U were in such a deep sleep,even i had no heart to wake u up..Nevermind,i will pay the fare..Uncle,send him home first kay cause his manager might be worried about him.Its already 1AM”

He looked at u and smiled.

He: “Thank you for acting as my GF just now.I really appreciate it alot!”

U smiled at him.


The next day. U were sweeping the floor when Jaejoong walk past u.. But,today,He stopped infront of u and offer u a flower.

JaeJoong: “Good Morning.I know ive been a jerk for the past few days here.I was not in a good shape.U might haf think that i’m a bad guy,that is arrogant and needs to be slapped.Anyways,welcome into the family! I really hope u will enjoy working here!”

Your heart was beating so fast,u trembled and your broom fell to the floor.U bend down to pick it up,but unknowingly.,he was also picking it up for u till your head banged into each other. The both of u laughed and u rubbed his head.

From another corner of the walkway,he was looking at u and jaejoong teasing each other. His heart sank looking at the fun moments between u two.

Jaejoong: “Have u had your lunch yet?Wanna eat with me?I know a nice restautrant around here that serves nice noodle”

YOU: “Ah,i’ve eaten my lunch already.thanks for the offer though. Next time okay!”

Jaejoong nod and he walks off.U smiled and u continue sweeping.Your mind knew that someone was watching u.U looked up and your eyes saw him. U waved at him but he did not waved back. He walked away and enter a room. U knew something wasnt right.

When your working time is over,U waited outside the room patiently. one hour had past and he still had not come out from the room.

Jaejoong tapped u from the back and u gets shocked.

JaeJoong: “Hey!Ur still here?I Tot your working hours is over since an hour ago? Are u waiting for someone in this room?This is SHINee’s room. Do u want me to knock on the door for u?”

You nod your head and he really knocked the door for u.The door was opened. U enter the room with him.

All SHINee member stopped singing and bowed at him.

JaeJoong: “Wow,Nice song guys!Im sure your next comeback will be  a great hit! Well,I’m here cause this lady wants to see someone from this room…She has been waiting outside since an hour ago…”

Your eyes looked at him,He was pretending to be busy reading through his lyrics.You bite your lips.

Why is he acting so strangely today?? Why is he pretending that he do not know me at all??

U bowed at all the SHINee member and walked out the room.jaejoong followed u.

JaeJoong: “U must have gotten the wrong person.Everyone here looked the same. Maybe u were searching for Super Junior? Cause from the way SHINee looked at u just now,They dont know at all. Are u sure u wanted to see one of the SHINee member just now?”

YOU: “Its okay jaejoong.Maybe i get the wrong guy. I think its better for me to go home now.Im tired.”

Jaejoong: “Let me send u back home”

From SHINee apartment,He can clearly see u standing next to jaejoong waiting for a cab. His eyes get teary. And hsi heart feel heavy.

When the taxi arrives,Jaejoong opened the door for u. But before u enter,U looked upp the building and u catches HIM looking at u. U stopped. Your eyes met.

HE quickly pull down the window blinds and continue practising.

Seeing you with jaejoong. Why does his mood suddenly change?

Seeing HIM pretending not knowing u.Why do u feel sad and uncomfortable about it?

Seeing this two acting like this,What is actually happening???


Wait for PART FOUR! ;);)


  1. sachia says:

    finally PART 3!!!!!!!^^ so interesting!!! can’t wait for PART 4

  2. Janice says:

    WHAT IS THIS? ): ): ): i would be so heart broken. then again . jaejoongs looks is a killer (:

  3. westgirl says:

    this is very touching! i love it so much!

  4. Denisa says:

    whooo part 3 was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to part 4!!!

  5. natalie says:

    so cute.. how i wish i could be one of SHINee’s GF. HAHA. 🙂

  6. Jasmine says:

    Aww…. This is so nice and romantic! Absolutely loving it and I can’t wait for part 4! ❤

  7. Xiaoqian says:

    I’ve been reading this for so many times! It was great (: it never fails to make me smile and drift off into the imaginary world. I wish It was real! Can’t wait for part 4!

  8. Denisa says:

    please update soon! you guys didn’t update this weekend =( i was sad

  9. VPeace says:

    Update soon!! Im Waiting~!
    Keep the on with the good work u people do^^

  10. lulo says:

    wo0ow what a fantastic part ,
    but I need the links of yhe first two parts to read them , please>
    and thank you

  11. jjongloves says:

    when is part4 gonna be out? cant wait!

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