Tonight, Fuji TV will air SHINee World concert in Japan at 7:00 PM KST. Here is a link to stream live.

Posted: 27/02/2011 in SHINee

You just need to download KeyHole TV from here:…tupKHTV3.13.exe

After the installation just paste フジテレビ into search bar and turn on the channel.

cr replayteam from tumblr.


  1. shameme says:

    why i cannot open it?? >o<

  2. how can i turn on the channel

  3. haelover says:

    what is the time in the philippines?

  4. Rio Pascua says:

    I was able to DL it and actually open but on the time it was supposed to air the concert, another program is on and yet when I read some comments it’s like others were able to watch it. How is that possible? This application is supposed to air them but I wasn’t able to watch it. Truly disappointed and sad. I’ve waited for 6 hours for it too.

  5. mpmqa09 says:

    is it over? i can open the channel but i think what is showing there now is kind of a soap opera. O.o

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