Taemin being push by crowd

Posted: 23/02/2011 in GIFs, taemin, Videos

Poor Taeminnie. Do not get too excited if you see SHINee. They are also human. I am sure shawols would not want any of them to end up being injured like Jonghyun yeah~

Credits: OWNER


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  2. aigoo.. poor taeminnie 😥

  3. _샤이니 is my drugs;P says:

    yeah that’s true, I don’t want Taemin to get hurt like Jonghyun

  4. Ong Jia Hui says:

    Where was it? This happened at what event? O.O

  5. sHinysUnako28 says:

    poor Taemin.. 😦

  6. kaede says:


  7. baizatul says:

    to all shawol..please don’t do like that…we all love them, so i’m sure we don’t want them to get any harm..poor them..

  8. Masio says:

    Taemin must hurt that time… i’m sad for Taemin…

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