[INFO] Onew, Key, Minho & Taemin to be Special DJ for Sukira

Posted: 21/02/2011 in Key, Minho, Onew, SHINee, taemin

21/02 – Special DJ Onew & Key, Guest: Ukiss (Kevin , Eli & KiSeop)

22/02 – DJ : Leeteuk & SHINee Key, Guest: Miss A (Jia & Fei) & Kan MiYeon

24/02 – Special DJ : Minho & Taenin, Guest: Brown Eyed Girls (Jea & Miryo)

25/02 – Special DJ Minho & Taemin, Guest: Girls’ Day (Minah) & Infinite (Sungkyu & Woohyun)

cr: leeanaseep@tumblr


  1. anna says:

    what time this event will be held???

  2. ondubu yeobo fighting!

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