MNET Trand Report [Fiㄹ] selected SHINee Key as the best dresser

Posted: 18/02/2011 in Key, SHINee, Videos


HB : [HyunBum pays attention to shining SHINee]when i went an awards, i was almost stunned cos of these guys, cos of shining SHINee

[SHINee hoped for growing as an fasion icon. and most noticeable KEY]they matched the kinda iconic items of fasion…

WM : Key-ssi is very fashionable

HB : yes, Key-ssi is very interested in fashion

WM : yepeoyo(pretty~)

HB : this time, he shows an interesting high fashion

HS : [uneasy leggings&pants styling] he layered the leggings

WM : [suitable length of leggings&pants]if the length of the trouser cuffs were uncertainly wrong , it must be looked not good. but he cut it at the exactly pretty point

HS : if i wear that clothes, it must be horrible. but when these guys wear this type of clothes it look so adorable

HB : Neomu yeppeo~

HS : i’ll give him first prize[SHINee Key first prize?] first prize! bravo! first prize!!(clap)

HB : so Kim SaRang and HyunBin go down?

pusing the other intensive actors/actresses, SHINee win the first prize!!

HB : in Key’s case, He is the new rising fashionista! little bit different style with G-dragon.. and Key’s younger than him

Credits: Owner & Vid Owner


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  2. PinKKey says:

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss ^O^

  3. Denisa says:

    he’s not even my bias- but WHOO! go key! you deserve it ^^

  4. cassadanielle says:

    Yeah..Key’s Fashion Sense and Guts are finally reaping rewards
    Key will even be better – Just Watch Out..

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