110209 2min Fan Account during Gag Concert

Posted: 17/02/2011 in Minho, SHINee, taemin

T/N: i omitted the irrelevant parts and only translated the relevant 2min interaction accounts, for full original korean-chinese translation please see credits

1) what everyone saw on tv was the not the full gag concert, only one or two segments were left out, but they were the uninteresting parts. so during these parts, taemin was not paying attention, and he kept whispering into minho’s ear, it looked really …… T_T T_T from the back. not even 1cm of space in between the two of them, it did not look like taemin was whispering, it was more like kissing

2) when the concert became slightly more interesting, both boys sat up straight and you can see they were seriously focusing on the performance. minho would focus on the performance for a while, and then turn to look at taemin for awhile, and then back to the stage and then look at taemin again… his head kept turning back and forth like this T_T looks like taeminnie is more and more charismatic T__T despite the ongoing performance on stage taemin did not respond to minho’s constant turning of his head towards him.. he did not turn to see minho. so minho smiled to himself while supporting his face on his palm, and then taemin was still unmoving

the incident about 2min holding hands.. now i will tell everyone what the friends who sat next to me during gag concert said~ that time we heard the noonas sitting behind 2min said: “they’re holding hands!!!” they exclaimed like this, (if they’re sitting behind 2min, the distance is much closer than the seats arranged in that of a cinema setting) to be honest, the volume was loud enough that people nearby could definitely hear kekeke, moreover 2min were sitting right in front, it is not possible they did not hear them. but they did not seem to care too much and continued chatting with each other kekekekeke

there was a really boring segment in this gag concert, so during that time 2min did not focus on the show.. their heads lowered for awhile and looked up again.. but the moment when we knew they were holding hands… kekeke… taemin looked around him and he raised his right hand (that was right next to minho) but kekeke what is choi minho’s hand on top of taemin’s right hand kekeke their hands were touching kekeke… so the two of them continued holding hands and looked at each other and then taemin’s head leaned towards minho’s direction, and he started using his right hand (the hand that was holding onto minho’s) to hit on minho’s chest area repeatedly, he smiled really happily and minho just remained like this. although we could only see it from the back, you can imagine how it looked like from the front T___T

during the interval time when the staff were changing the settings on stage during recording, minho’s phone vibrated, someone was calling him. but minho can’t pick up the phone like this so he lowered his body, heard him saying “yes, yes, okay” like this. and he hung up. when he sat up again taemin asked “what happened” and minho answered “uh…that..” his facial expression looked serious and he said “nothing special” taemin looked really dissatisfied and hit minho several times and minho stopped smiling and said “looks like something happened” taemin became serious and answered “what? what happened? do we have to go?” at this moment the performance was about to start again and suddenly minho started laughing HA-HA-HA-HA and said “taemin ah, i’m lying! it’s a lie” and looked towards the stage while laughing, taemin looked in the same direction too and laughed. kekwkekek but during one short interval between the performance, taemin was still curious and asked again ‘what exactly happened’ and minho said ‘they told us to go over after recording’ and watched the performance attentively..

6) while watching gag con when 2min found things funny their bodies would lean in towards each other… suddenly minho placed his elbow on taemin’s shoulder, taemin remained his vision on the stage, and they were like this for awhile. the two of them did not care too much but the people sitting behind were going crazy, crazy scarry noonas kekekeke but after awhile taemin shrugged his shoulders and told minho to put down his elbow “put it down hyung” “no i can’t keke” “ugh”

taemin did not give up trying to shake off minho’s elbow, finally minho laughed and put down his elbow… after awhile minho placed his elbow back again on taemin’s shoulders.. taemin ah, you have lost.. but even after that taemin still tried to push off minho effortlessly..

during one segment a gag woman sang and it was really funny, minho then laughed crazily like he did in Night Star and then swiftly grabbed taemin and hugged him kekekekeke this is not Night Star 2min! but even so, taemin still smiled like how he did on that episode of Night Star

P.S this is regarding taemin speaking to minho in non-honorific/informal ending manner. because both of them are really close, therefore it is not because taemin is rude, but because both of them are so close, and the age gap is not too big hence naturally taemin did not use honorific speech. i hope the noonas/fans who read this will not misunderstand, and not spread rumours that taemin is a rude boy.

Original Fan Account: HEARTWOMIN

Chinese Translation: baby2min

Kr-Chinese Translator: hyosin

Chinese-Eng Translator: hiyeom


  1. Chimu-chi says:

    Omona! o.O rl?! Holding hands and everything.. wow keke 2min love~ hwaiting!! ❤

  2. sachia says:

    omo!!!!! 2Min!!!!

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