S.F.S * When the night falls… *

Posted: 13/02/2011 in Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Onew, SHINee, taemin

It was finally night. You were so tired after such a long day.

You just came home from ________, you closed the house door behind you, leaned on the door and let out a sigh. You are one tired girl. Oh, nobody’s home again. Guess its just you alone again. You went to the kitchen to get something for you to snack on. You haven’t eaten anything since lunch!

After ‘dinner’ you went back up to your room. You looked at the clock. 9.59pm. You still have a piece of homework to complete for school tmr! You dragged yourself to the desk and took out your homework. Just staring at it just want to make you go to sleep! You sat down, and started with your work. Suddenly, your cell buzzed.

Onew: Yeobo ah, what are you doing? My schedule just ended, so i bought chicken for myself to eat again! Are you free now? Btw, open your front door ^^

Jonghyun: Jakiya! Its so late already and my schedule for today finally ended! You’re at home now right? Why don’t you come to your front door? My short legs are aching alr btw~

Key: Annyeong Yeobo! My schedule has finally ended! Yayyyyyyyy~! Weeeeeeee~! Its celebration time now~! I’m so happy! quick quick, open your door of your house!

Minho: Phew, schedule finally ended! Quite tired now, but i haven’t seen you today? Why don’t you open your door of your house? I might be there 🙂

Taemin: Baby! Did you miss me? My schedule has ended and I missed you! But nvm, we can see each other soon after you open your door!

After reading the text, you smiled to yourself. That bf of yours is just the best! Because of him, you dragged yourself down to open the door.


Your SHINee bf was there of course! He smiled to you and both of you were so happy to see each other. You then explained to him that you had work to complete and was to be handed in by tomorrow! He followed you up to your room, he sat beside you and watched you do your work. (how distracting right? 😀 ) After awhile,

Onew: Aigoo, you’re so slow! Its just a simple maths queation right? Why do you take so long to solve it? Should i help you? I think i should right? You are taking way to long to solve it!

Jonghyun: Baby! You’re learning from me right? You take so long to do your homework! You should study harder, so you can do your work faster! I would help you if i’m smart enough, but what you’re doing seems abit to hard for me!

Key: Yah yah yah! That answer is wrong right?! Didn’t you read the question? You take so long to do somemore! What will happen in the exam like that huh? you should get a tutor to teach and nag at you too!

Minho: hmm, sorry to be rude but, could you do that a little faster? i think you are taking quite some time. Didn’t you teacher explain to you in school? Should i try and help you solve too?

Taemin: Baby, i think you did it wrong already! The ans is this right? Not this! Wait, or is it the other? Aigoo, i’m not sure either, abit confused now. Schedules are taking up my school time, so i think i’m not that good. We should solve it together!

You were happy that your bf tried to help you. But its so late and your brain’s alr fried! So tired, cannot think, cannot do, do also wrong ans. This is depressing.

Your SHINee bf went to sit down somewhere else in the room and entertained himself with his electonic gadgets. The piece of homework is still staring at you. You put your elbow on the table and rested your head on it while trying to attempt the qns. Your head… soon, you just put your head on the table and fell asleep without yourself even knowing..

After awhile, when your SHINee bf felt that it was too tired, turned and saw his gf sleeping on the table! He walked to the desk and saw that the work was still incomplete.

Onew: My dear girl is so tired after a long day. I understand, i’m tired everyday after schedules. But she needs to get this done by tmr, otherwise i’m sure the teacher will scold her! Since i had chicken just now, i still feel that i have a little energy left! I WILL COMPLETE IT FOR HER! ( He then picks up your pen and points it to the ceiling, epic pose, HAHAHAHA )

Jonghyun: Yah, seriously, how can she cheat! Going to sleep just like that? She didn’t even tell me! She must be tired. Just like any other good friend of a student, i shall help her with her work then~ This is so going to be hard, i think. Nvm, take things slowly~

Key: Pppppppppppppffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttttttttttt, look at her sleeping! i think she’s tooo tired that she’s drooling! Should have nagged at her more so that she won’t go to sleep! Well, at least she has her ALMIGHTY KEY here! I’ll try to help her with her work, if she never do finish by tmr, she will get nagged by her teacher!

Minho: She’s sleeping to soundly! Tired girl. Where’s the work? I don’t want to see her overwork herself, i’ll help her finish it.

Taemin: Hey! She’s sleeping! She did finish her homework already? She haven’t yet right! She’s already sleeping! Awww, i’m tired also! She will see a very mad teacher if she never do finish this, teachers are like that, i know!  I’ll go try my best and help her finish, hope its up to my standard!

Your SHINee bf cracked his brain trying to help you finish that piece of work. After 2 hours, he was finally done!

Onew: Yahhhh, look at that! I completed the work! Guess Onew oppa here is still as smart as ever! Brain had not gone rusty yet! luckily i had chicken just now!

Jonghyun: Its finally done! I think i took one million years. This is so hard! But nevermind, from her previous workings, i think i got it right. Hope she won’t get into trouble because of me!

Key: Yesssss! Just as i thought, almighty key still solves it all! My brain is still the best! The qns are so boring though, no wonder she fell asleep! HAHAHAHAHHA

Minho: Done! The work is not too hard i guess, at least i managed to complete them.

Taemin: Wow! Her work is quite tough eh! i still have to use my phone and go to my schl’s website to check my online work to help me do the qns! But i’m doneee!

Of course you didn’t know, you were still sleeping! Your SHINee bf then prepared to leave your house. He placed his jacket over you and took the keys on your table and left the house. He placed the key under the door mat and made his way back home. It was alr 3am in the morning!

You were still sleeping soundly.

Your phone buzzed.

SHINee bf: ” Yeobo, hope you had a good night’s sleep! I done your work for you already so don’t panic in the morning! I took your keys to lock the front door and placed it under the door mat. Hope you have a good day ahead. I love you!



I think SFS’s abit late today? Sorry about that! I took quite some time to type it out, 😛 hope you enjoy it!

Loads of love,


  1. NING says:

    My baby, Jjong is as sweet as ever! ❤
    But I promise, I will do the homework myself next time instead. XD

    HAHA! Thanks for the S.F.S! ❤

  2. sachia says:

    OMG!!!! I have to admit that your imaginary is very interesting^^ but…if they were your bf, they might behaved like that^^ ONEW!!!!!

  3. Nathalie says:

    i think i can sleep well tonite ^^
    thank u for the scenario team =)

  4. Ong Jia Hui says:

    Thank you so much scenario team! This is great! ^^

  5. natalie says:

    this has to be one of the sweetest thing if it happen to me. HAHA~~~
    can imagine the WHOLE scenario.

    thanks, for publishing such cute sfs.

  6. ruth theodora says:

    My key is the best bf in the world.. I swear I will do all my homework and study hard for my bf 🙂

  7. niji says:

    i want a boyfriend like key! D:!
    this always make ma day

  8. khanoon says:

    good night Taemin >> i love you ^^

    I am shinee world >>

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