If we were to make a SHINee Shawols SG FANMEET, Will u be attending? :) :) :)

Posted: 09/01/2011 in Announcements

With ♥ Team Admins

  1. Ning says:

    I will definitely support!! :))

  2. Wloooo says:

    I hope so
    BUT I am so far 😦
    because i’m saudi

  3. yoonjihosung says:

    I wan to! But, when and where?
    It’s still depends on timing and date, and the place,
    Because on april, there’s national exam

  4. Catriona says:


  5. erm, sorryy shawols, but this only applies to SG shawols.

  6. Xiaoqian says:


  7. BUNGee says:

  8. Mishou says:

    I wish. But I live in the US and has no money.

  9. natalie says:

    um… how do we sign up for the fanclub? i like to join. 😀

  10. ezayuazera says:

    shawol sg meeting?
    sorry, but what is sg stand 4?

  11. Nikolette says:


  12. ChanelleDA says:

    yes i will attend 🙂

  13. rachel says:

    of course! how do i sign up too?

  14. cherry sshi says:

    i want but its hard for me because i live in brunei..

  15. erelia says:

    Hi everyone, please vote for shinee here at sistic’s website. They are doing a poll on what we wanna see! SHINee is currently in 6th place after Suju, SNSD etc!!!! Just use any hotmail address will do. Seems like they won’t accept my gmail account.

    Also, please vote for SHINee online for Singapore Entertainment Awards. They are currently leading!

    All are online polls.


  16. sunshine says:

    hello everyone this is so important please spread this news we need the help of shawols around the world we are arab shawols and there is apole about favourite kpop group and the three groups to take the first three places , they will open amarket with their things please help us win number one and vote for shinee from here http://onlyjypfamily.wordpress.com/hello-kpop-2/

  17. Ana says:

    Maybe , For Me , It Depends On The Cost , Time And Date . :] . But I Think For Me , The Main Thing Is The Cost . :[

  18. SheReeN says:

    Where???If Singapore Or Malaysia…Yess..I’ll…But If Not…HuHuHu…To Bad For Me…

  19. Joanne says:

    I would want to ! But i would need more information first . By the way is it possible to get a fansite tshirt now ? Im new to this website (:

  20. Jorina says:

    I will LOVE to!!!

  21. -JANELLE- says:

    YEPPEEEEE ~ I would definetly go there together with all my friends !! Meeting all the SHAWOLS !! YEAHHHHH ~~ D Lets make friends with each other shawols!! >.< ^^ D :]] C: ~o~


  22. Sya says:

    Please do organize one 😀

  23. shireenovita says:

    I hope so,
    But, I think it’s impossible for me to attend..:(“”

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