Lee Taesun and Lee Taemin

Posted: 14/07/2010 in taemin

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credit:as tagged,Re-upload by: [N]hi_[R]ie , TEAM JONGHYUN`NISA AHMAD`

He is Lee Taesun…But is he really Taeminnie’s hyung?

I’m not sure too myself


  1. kokataemin says:

    yes ,that his bro ^^i think ..he is taller than taemin ^^

  2. candyloony says:


  3. C says:

    My heart aches seeing that Taemin has to cover both his hair and face whenever he wants to go out and have fun. But waaaah, his brother’s so cute! Now I see where he gets his looks from~good genes run in the family.

  4. jinpa says:

    Oh!!!! Both of them are alike….. i hope his brother don’t have GF…
    HAHAHAHHA….just kidding…..
    Both of them looks great together…..hyung and young-tsang,,,,
    his brother looks shy but i like him….Taesun,,i love you <3<3<3 🙂

  5. Choon Hee says:

    oh… Poor my boy Taemin.. that’s the price he has to pay for being so famous.. He’s not free to do what he wanted to do… Infairness, his brother is as handsome as Taemin.. It runs in the blood.. Love you my Taemin.. Love Shinee!

  6. Cristal says:

    Mmmm, they both look beautiful (B

  7. Random says:

    I think that his bro look like Kim kibum not SHINee Key but the guy in Boys over flower

  8. both of them are thin 🙂 lol..
    I don’t think they look alike each other.

  9. both of them are thin 🙂 lol..
    I don’t think they look like each other.

  10. Maria says:

    Taemin is wearing a Canada hat :DD

  11. Mary says:

    Yes… He also already said his brother’s name when they were new… He said that he misses his brother Taesun in radio and taemin also cried because he misses his family :))
    But im glad that they are still seeing each other and have a nce time :))

  12. shiela says:

    i believe it is taeminie’s hyung…
    as he said that his hyung’s name is taesun in a radio show….
    and they are so much alike….

  13. Hannah says:

    Nope. Based on my knowledge, he is Kim Jong In, a SM trainee who will debut soon and he is Taemin close friend ^^

  14. sean says:

    hmmm i’m not sure but some said that he’s taemin’s friend and he’s going to debut —> SNJC (or sumtin) another sm trainee

  15. 2minie says:

    they might be related but i remember when taemin cried on radio it was soooo sad
    they both look alike but related or not they are both really good looking hahahaha ;D
    (sorry taemin i still think your better looking)hahahaha

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