Last Episod of Team Onew’s S.F.S Special

Posted: 18/06/2010 in Scenarios, Team Admins

Previous scenario if you missed it ; (click here)

(1)The following week, your SHINee boyfriend find some changes in you. Your face has turn pale but
your SHINee boyfriend didn’t dare to tell you about your changes.
Then you start a conversation with your SHINee boyfriend..

“Yeobo, what’s wrong? Come on, I can read your eyes & face expression. Don’t keep it to yourself, share it with me
while I’m still alive.. “

Onew ; Don’t say such thing! You must be strong! You must wait for me & SHINee’s comeback! I don’t want you to miss it.
You must support me ok? I really need you by my side. Hold on a little longer Yeobo!! *runs to you and give a hug*
And… what matters the most to me is your heart and not the looks.

Jonghyun ; Never say that again! Never or I’ll get mad at you. Have faith in yourself! Please, I don’t need you to look pretty or put
on thick make up. Just be yourself, be natural. Ok? Jakiya, I’ll be the happiest man alive as long as I have you in my arms. Get it?
Jakiya, Sarang Hae Yo!! Always remember that in your mind.

Key ; You’re like an angel to me, I feel at ease whenever I look at you. You don’t need make up because you are naturally beautiful to me.
I’m serious and please don’t stress yourself because of this changes. You have to be positive ok? Lastly, I promise I won’t hide anything
from you & please don’t try to read my eyes.. you sound scary. *pinches your cheek*

Minho ; Can you stop saying that? Its hurting right here *points to his heart* Don’t bother about your looks, its fine with me. Natural beauty is the best. Ok?
We will fight this hardship together, promise? I shall be your army that protects you from harm!! Keep fighting, your Highness!
*he place your hand close to is heart*

Taemin ; Jakiya! Do you want to see me cry again? If you don’t want too, can you please stop saying it? You look gorgeous with or without make up. Lastly
it doesn’t matter to me at all, I just need your love, care & concern. That’s all, Jakiya. Afterall, nobody is perfect. *winks at you*

(2)You had one last wish. You wanted to have a barbeque pit along the beach and a one night sleepover with your parents,
your SHINee boyfriend and the rest of SHINee members.

At the beach, Everyone were in a very good mood that night including you..
At the beach, after having alot of fun,
Everyone when to sleep after having a good time eating, chatting, playing games & many more.
After your parents & the rest of SHINee members goes to sleep..
You and your SHINee boyfriend decided to walk along the beach as you are not that sleepy.

While walking aling the beach, hand in hand with your SHINee boyfriend, you complained that you’re tired from
Your SHINee Boyfriend…

Onew ; Awww. Tired? You weren’t like this before. Hmmm.. ok, before that give me a kiss on my cheek? I know you want a piggy back ride, am I right?
Hold me tightly ok?
(You held Onew very tightly and didn’t even complain and he just continue walking)

Jonghyun ; Come here my Jakiya! Let me carry you! Come on don’t be shy! Afterall we are couples! Imagine for two years, this is the very first time
I am carrying you in my arms. *giggles*
(He carried you with all his strength)

Key ; Let’s take a break, ok? See those rocks over there *points to the direction where there’s rocks near the beach* let’s sit there and enjoy the morning breeze.
(he still hold your hand while walking towards the rocks)

Minho ; Let me carry you on my back, ok? (carries you on his back) Yeobo ah, if you want to sleep. Go ahead ok? I’m fine with it or you want me to sing a song for you??
(while walking along the beach, he sings your favourite song till you fell asleep)

Taemin ; I’ll carry you on my back!! Come.. *drags you* Believe in me, ok? I can carry you eventhough I look skinny to you, yeobo! Have confidence in me!!
Come on & hop on my back! See I tell you, I can carry you. Are you proud of me? I’m useful right??

(3)Next day..
Its 9am, everyone were busy packing up and were getting ready to go home. Your SHINee boyfriend find out that you are still sleeping in your tent. Then
he decided to wake you up and ask permission from your parents to enter your tent…
When he entered the tent, your SHINee boyfriend jaw dropped as soon as he sees your nose bleeds and your face turn really pale!!
He starts to panic!!!!

Onew ; *tries to wake you up* Yeobo? Come on, don’t play around. Yeobo, wake up. Everyone is getting ready to go home! YEOBO!!!! *he screams*
Don’t do this to me twice! Please wake up!! Wake up… wake up… oh please, don’t do this to me…. *he breaks down*

Jonghyun ; Jakiya? Don’t fake it. I know you are trying to scare me, right? You were fine this morning. Not again Jakiya, wake up. Jakiya wake up!!
Jakiya, Jonghyun is here and please wake up from your dream.. Jakiya, jakiya, jakiya… *he keeps calling your name*

Key ; *he checks your pulse* Ohmy! Your pulse is very weak! Hold on there, ok? I know you can hear me. Don’t leave me this way!! Yeobo!! Please please..
Hold on while I bring you to the hospital. Hold on!!

Minho ; *he places your hand against his chest* Don’t leave me like this! Open your eyes! Come on, keep fighting!! Please do this on my behalf! Hold my and
never let it go… You got to fight for your life! Come on!

Taemin ; *he cries next to you* Yeobo! You promise me this morning that you wouldn’t make me cry again, right? Then why are you doing this to me! Wake up!
Please! Be strong! I know you can do this, hold on to me, ohkay?

(4)At the hospital…..
Your family, your SHINee boyfriend and the rest of SHINee member were at the hospital. Your parents together with your boyfriend didn’t stop praying for you.
The rest of the SHINee members were there to give emotional support for your parents & your SHINee boyfriend..
15minutes later…

Doctor Park your personal doctor with a sad look approached your parents & your SHINee boyfriend…
He then began talking..
“I’m sorry to say that, I’ve tried my very best to safe your daughter life but…*he paused* I’m really sorry, she passed away while we keep her under obversation in the ICU room. I’m sorry
for your lost. You can take her body home and I need the father to sign certain documents before you take your daughter’s body”

Your SHINee boyfriend….

Onew ; What? What did the Doctor Park said? Can.. can.. you.. repeat it? Huh? Did my yeobo just…. passed away?? Did she… just leave me??? YEOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * he screams loudly*
Yeobo ah!! Why did you leave me all alone??? Why didn’t you take me along with you…. yeobo, yeobo yeobo I don’t have the strength to leave anymore… *he cries non-stop*

Jonghyun ; *he feels like fainting but the other SHINee member support his body* Jakiya,.. you take half of my heart with you and now I don’t have the strength to carry on my life… jakiya, jakiya..
come back to me, jakiya… jakiya, why do you have this sickness? oh jakiya.. *he tries to control his tears but at last.. he cries*

Key ; How? How am i suppose to carry on without you in my life? How could you be so cruel to me? Huh? Someone please explain to me? Please……. God you can’t take my love away from me.
Return her to me now… right now. Oh, i need her badly. Please…… give my love back to me. Don’t separate us. Not now Not now….. *he breaks down & cry*

Minho ; *he force himself not to cry* Uncle, auntie.. thank you for bringing up your daughter. Thank you for letting me take good care of your precious daughter. My last wish is.. can I,.. can I be your
adopted son? I want to fill up your loneliness, aunt, uncle. Your daughter have change me to become a better man. She change me. Now she’s gone, I don’t know how to carry on with my life.
(He then whisper in his heart ; “Jakiya, thank you soo much for all the moments we shared together and I shall never forget each moment of it with you”)

Taemin ; (As soon as he heard Doctor Park announces the death of his girlfriend.. he cried continuosly..)
Yeobo… yeobo, yeobo yeobo…… you leave me. How could you? You leave me without my concern. Yeobo,… eventhough you’re gone, my love for you will stay and nobody will change my love
towards you. I’ll let you rest here in my heart.. Yeobo, i love you to the extreme… Now, its your turn to shelter me from above.

(5)One month later ,…
Your SHINee Boyfriend came to your house and he went to your room… cause he miss you soo much.
Later, he saw a pink envelope on your study table.. he open it up and read..
Your wrote this before your passed away…

How are you? I hope you are doing well. How’s SHINee? I’ll pray that SHINee will be successful!! Fighting!! Don’t worry. Eventhough I’m not there with you, always remember that I’m still with you.
Call me if you need me, I’ll be there right by your side. Express everything in your heart and let it go, I will be able to listen to you. Yeobo, if you miss me, close your eyes and call out my name! Or you can
walk along the beach.. and when you look up at the sky. Find the brightest stars high up above, thats me. Yeobo, I know you are worried about me. Don’t worry, ok? I’m surrounded by good people up here. You just take good care of yourself ok? Keep Fighting! Lastly, please find a girl that cares about you, loves you deeply, concern about your health.. find someone which is better than me. BUT, please.. don’t forget about me. Promise?
Remember, I always love you, forever & always, yeobo…..
With much love,
Your Beloved Girlfriend”

Then, your SHINee boyfriend..

Onew ; *whisper to himself* Yeobo Yeobo Yeobo! Do you know how hard it is to carry on my life without you? It isn’t easy to replace someone special like you. How could I replace my love
at first sight? Its not easy, yeobo. Now.. I’m focussing on SHINee’s comeback. Don’t worry, I can do it with the help of my members. Promise me that you will always be here next to me
whenever I need you? ok..

Jonghyun ; How could you be so cruel? I don’t know when or how to replace you here in my heart. My silly girlfriend. I still love you, forever & always.
Jakiya ah! I’m doing well with SHINee! They miss you too. Yeah,.. *he paused* I miss you soo much. I miss those times. The times that we had together. I can’t and won’t erase it.
It’s still here, in my heart.. Jakiya I know you are listening to me. Shelter me will you? Thank you.

Key ; *close his eyes* Yeobo ah,.. are you there? I can feel you right next to me. Don’t go yet cause I need you to listen to my problems. Yeobo, I’m glad to know that you are fine up there.
I don’t need to worry about you anymore. Now its your turn to care about me! *giggles* Yeobo, take good care of me ok? Make me success in whatever I do and so do SHINee! Lastly, when I baked
your favourite cupcakes, memories of you start to fill my mind.. I miss those times we baked cupcakes together. I.. I… I…. Missss.. You.

Minho ; How have you been, your Highness? I’ve move on but,.. it still takes time for me to adjust to this lonely environment without you here with me. As usually, I’ll keep fighting! Your letter makes me going!
Thank you for sharing your moments with me. I appreciate it, my dear. Be here with me when I need you, ok? I love you till death.

Taemin ; Yeobo, I’m doing well with both my career and school. Thanks to you for taking good care of me from above. Continue sheltering me ok? I still need you here with me. Eventhough I can’t see you, I know
you are next to me. I appreciate every moment we had when you’re alive. It still fresh here in my heart and mind. I won’t dare to open my heart to other girls. You are the only one that I love.. yes, there’s only
you in my heart.. You take away the key to my heart. *gives a flying kiss* Yeobo, sarang hae yo!


Great apology to all of you who have been waiting for the ending of this story. Sorry if there is any spelling errors, tenses or bad vocabulary used here because I’m in the rush so that all of you
won’t wait for my S.F.S that long. Sorry once again! I hope you enjoyed my S.F.S. I don’t know whether I should countinue writting my own S.F.S story. Should I? Hmm….

With much love,

Team Onew

Herda ^^

  1. Dya says:

    A great ending! I teared up! Haha! Well, continue with more scenariox ok! Love euu admins!

  2. Raychel says:

    omg it’s so sad D:
    I teared up 😦 it’s really good! Continue with the scenarios guys!

  3. shiningflower says:

    owh, sad ending.. wanna cry out loud.. uwaaaaa TT__TT

  4. Julianne♥'sSHINee says:

    aaw. this is so touching:]

  5. eigi says:

    Love it 😀
    More more..
    I need more sfs 🙂
    Aja aja hwaiting!

  6. Nida says:

    ah, jus finished wiping my tear…
    great job dear^^ but pls no dead scene for next time ok? hehe^^ well done dear…

  7. LoveShinee__ says:

    aww ,
    it’s so romantic .
    hiks hiks , i wanna cry . 😥
    ,hm , btw .
    i like ur sfs so much .
    keep waiting for the next sfs .

  8. Nikolette says:

    I just finished crying ahhh~ its so touching…. you shld continue to write sfs…. We will wait for you dear take your time…. I still feel like crying….

  9. mhc says:

    oh my, when i was reading the last scene, i feel like i was lack of oxygen, heart was like stop beating. really touching and very great Team Onew~ thank you so much~

  10. Doki says:


  11. Choi Ha-Neul says:

    I’m not gonna lie; I was on the verge of tears. ):
    I’m like sad now…….. Yet happy at the same time….! ^-~

    THAT, was a really, really, reeeaaally FAN-TASTIC, EL-ASTIC piece of work, Herda honey!! ^u^
    Screw k-dramas, who needs to watch people acting it out on screen when all the emotion can be perfectly captured in words?? :]

    Betcha you got everyone crying or wanting to cry when they read this! 😀
    Ahahaha, did she make you cry? Yes, all 1, 087, 952 of us Shawols!!! >-<

    • really?? awwww. *hugs you & wipe away your tears*
      hugs hugs!! ohmy! i feel soo bad to make all of you cry >.<
      i put alot of emotion & feeling in it.. thanks to all of you!!! ^^

      love you guys as always!! ^^

      ~Team Onew/Herda

  12. kokataemin says:

    come on , im not died …im still a life ^^ ..u make me cry T-T …thnx for ur idea

  13. afagyel says:

    lol you do not know how much i cried!! XD this is sooo k-drama ish haha you should make your own drama! XD and oh, you should continue with the story! hehe

    • hahahaha.. my english is not that good to make a drama of my own, my dear. sure sure, i’ll do more shinee LOVE drama pretty soon, yeaps? ^^

      ~Team Onew/Herda

  14. Reliminho says:

    Omo~ my tears flow down. . .
    Can’t stop it!
    Imagine that i am that girl, and minho carrying so much. ,
    But the end…
    I die…
    😥 😥
    Hiks, i won’t leave u minho T.T
    Good job for u. , i’m still waiting for the other scenarios. . .

  15. Aimee says:

    Omygawd, I am actually crying right now! >//////<
    So sad and touching. Although part of me whishes there wouldn't have been a death. haha. Still it was beautiful ❤

  16. A FAN says:

    Ahh nooo =[
    this is just so saaad !

  17. Min Ni says:

    wahhh!! ㅠㅠ
    i cried D:
    i dont wanna die.

  18. huili says:

    this is so sad…..*crys*

  19. fika says:

    I am tearful,although i read this SFS for many times.this is the best SFS.good job for you team onew/herda.gumawo

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