taemin quotes #7

Posted: 13/06/2010 in quotes, taemin

If I were a girl, I would date Minho because he is ‘Flaming Charisma’!

– Taemin
  1. Nida says:

    awwwwwww, do agree with u, Taeminnie…^^ 10000000% agree^^

  2. Nida says:

    uh oh! balm pls… team onew! wake up… oh! i’d better call Onew oppa…hahaha…

    • *smacks forehead twice*
      OHHH! Oppa SORRY!! Minho is My Mom’s choice!! Hahaha. >.<
      Ok Nida,.. i love Onew, no matter what. yeaps!! *hugs Onew*

      ~Team onew/Herda

  3. Mishou says:

    Going to quote a Korean Manhwa now; “Confession! CONFESSION!!!!! >///<" This makes me think 2min thoughts XD

  4. Isabel says:

    kekekeke >.<
    nono should have said Key ❤

  5. Ambreen Mahmood says:

    omo!!!!!same sentiments exactly!!!!

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