From SHINee apartment,He can clearly see u standing next to jaejoong waiting for a cab. His eyes get teary. And hsi heart feel heavy.

When the taxi arrives,Jaejoong opened the door for u. But before u enter,U looked upp the building and u catches HIM looking at u. U stopped. Your eyes met.

HE quickly pull down the window blinds and continue practising.

Seeing you with jaejoong. Why does his mood suddenly change?

Seeing HIM pretending not knowing u.Why do u feel sad and uncomfortable about it?

Seeing this two acting like this,What is actually happening???


The next day,it was the usual routine for u. Before u stepped into the office to began your Cleaner Duty,u had your breakfast at the nearest Coffeeshop.Alone.

Many fans are surrounding the main entrance of the SM Building. U smile and whisper to yourself ‘Wah,This girls are really crazy about this idols!Dont they have anythign better else to do?”

When u are finally done with your breakfast,U walked through the crowd and a girl pull your hand. You turned.It was your 16 year old cousin.

Kate: “Lysa!!Are u working here?????”

U hugged your cousin,Kate,so tightly and pulled her to one corner.

YOU: “yes i am!but only as a cleaner! U are here for?…” (And u looked at the poster that she was holding…..)

It was His Poster.

Kate: “OMG!I’m a big big fan of SHINee!And i really like this guy!This one here!Im sure u have seen him before!! Can u sneeke me in and let me see him pls pls pls?? I promise i will behave myself!”

You think hard. Kate is very close to u and furthermore,her family has always been helping u and your family.U showed your pass to the secuirty guard and tell him that Kate is helping u with the cleaning as u are not feeling well. He let Kate into the building.

YOU: “Good for u. I’m working at level 4.The level that SHINee,Super Junior is allocated at! So,i’m sure u can see them! But remember, behave okay!”

Kate hugged u. 😉

When it was 12noon, SHINee arrived and when they walked past u, u smiled at him. Instead of looking at u, he turned towards kate and smiled.

He:”Hey sweetheart! Who are u?”

Kate: “I’m KATE. And i’m Lysa’s cousin. I’ve been a big fan of SHINee!!!! Can i have your autograph please??”

He: “Well,not only autograph,u can also take a picture with me. Lysa,could you help us with this?”

U nod your head and take a picture for them. Kate was jumping for joy.

He: “Well, we are busy with our recprding now.DO u wanna see how we actually record our songs?But,u must promise, u cant make much noise alright?”

Kate smiled and she followed the other SHINee member into a room. U looked at him.

Lysa: “Whats wrong with you? Why have u been ignoring me?Did i do anything wrong?”

He: “No,u did not.Its just that i took the wrong steps. I shouldnt have ask u to act like my GF.Jaejoong might get the wrong impression u see”

Lysa: (U swallow your saliva) “Jaejoong???”

He: “Yeah,U are close to him.Much closer to him rather than to me.Am i right?”

Lysa: “U get it all wrong.All wrong.I and him are just friends!!”

He: “Are u serious??”

U smiled and nod your head.

Lysa: “Well,but,he is much much good looking than u. Of course,i was attracted to him at first. But, er, i’m more comfortable with u,rather than with him. I just treat him as an oppa. thats all. EH WAIT! Why am i explaining all this to u???”

He laughed and go near to u.

He: “Cause we are a couple,remember…I think i love you Lysa”

U choked once again.Did he say the POWERFUL THREE WORDS??? I LOVE YOU??

He hold your hands and looked into your eyes.

He: “Believe me. I’m falling in love with  you. Will u agree to be with me?”

You nod your head and smile “Yes,I will. With all my heart”

He leaped into the air as though he won a gold medal! U laughed looking at the way he reacted.

He: “But sweetheart, For now, lets dont reveal to anyone about our relationship okay.Lets just stay like this.Cause the higher authority wont like me to be in a relationship when i’m busy with my new album with SHINee. Is it okay with you?”

You: “yes. I will follow whatever that u say my dear.Now go. Sing with all your heart.Remember,I’ll always be here outside waiting for u okay!”


@3PM. U enter JaeJoong’s room to deliver some important mail for him. He was busy typing sumthing on his lappy. U leave the room once u place the document on the table. But he touched your hand.

JaeJoong: “Lysa,I need your help. I need you to sew my jacket for me.A fan pulled it so hard till it gets torn.CAn u?”

YOU: “Sure,i can!I will do it outside cause im worried someone might be looking for me there.I will pass it to u after im done with it ok”

You sat down at the couch and began sewing.Suddenly an SMS popped up.Its from HIM!!

Onew: U are the only one that can make my tiring day brighten up again. U are the only one that has the key to my heart. Can u help me?I think im suffocated with your love”

Jong: Although we have just known one another,trust me. I will love u for the rest of my life and i wont ever betray you.I will love u like noone ever did.

Key: If i can get out from this studio now,I would bring you to the playground and play with u till late afternoon. I miss your smile and your laughters already.

Minho: Why is the time passing by slowly in here? Simply said,Cause there isnt u. 😦

Taemin:Your smile are all over my mind now, even when i close my eyes when we have a break,i keep seeing your smile. U r so addictive

U laughed alone upon reading the text message.

Suddenly,someone closes your eyes from behind. U put down the jacket and hold the person’s hand that was on your eyes.

YOU: “DO u know that i miss u a lot? I love u so much..Faster faster,finish your work and lets eat together.”

He let go of his hand and walk infront of u.

Jaejoong: “I love you too”….


U’ve gotten yourself into BIG TROUBLE!


How will u answer him back?


Rectangle love?


hey all!Im sorry,i have not been writing this continuation for so long!

Pardon us,sometimes,our work gets too much,SFS slipped off our mind 😦

Our workload is getting more and more.

Sorry for those that has always been waiting so patiently for our SFS.

I’ hope u love this short continuation. 🙂

Rest well all!


S.F.S *Love like this.

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*Background Music: Good Bye Baby Good Bye~* You are in the midst of preparing for your latest album & comeback. At this period of time, you really wish that your boyfriend is by your side. During your break, you received a call/message from him! What a good timing it must be!

Onew: Noona!~ How are you doing over there in Singapore? Right now, it is really cold over here in Korea~ When I am feeling very cold, I didn’t reach out for a chicken drumstick at my store, instead I’d thought of YOU & YOU & MORE OF YOU~  Only your love & support can bring warmth to my heart. Kekekeke. Oh yes, I’ve just been release from school. I am now rushing to my part-time workplace, which is a fried chicken street stall. I’ve got to end our conversation pretty soon. Wait patiently for me~ I will work very hard, you too okay?

Jong: ‘’Lovely, I will be travelling over to Singapore soon, real soon! You’ve got to wait for me okay? The first thing we shall do when I’ve touch down is to have a delicious meal together for a catch-up. After that, we shall head down to a movie theatre to watch a midnight romance show together. I’ve wanted to do such simple things with just you and me, because your company is all that matters.  So for now, while I am working hard at a cafeteria to earn money, you must work hard for your upcoming album okay?’’ Love you always. 

Key:  ‘’Ya you bangkudongku little noona! I miss you so much!  Ya! Do you miss me too? *No response from you* AHHH~ you don’t miss me huh? Then I shall not go over to Singapore to see you~ *Upon hearing that, you quickly responded, “YA! I miss you okay? YOU MUST COME TO SINGAPORE OKAY? “* Then Key chuckled & said, “I scare you didn’t I? HAHAHAHA. Pabo ya~, Hehehe. Don’t worry, I will “fly” over as soon as possible just to see you & cheer you on, woo! I am your precious diva!”

Minho:  ‘’Noona, how’s album preparation coming along? I hope you are coping well with it. I’ve been working very hard here in Seoul. Every day after my school ends, I’ve been going to my neighbourhood’s gym to help out with the classes provided, so as to earn as much as I can to pay for my expenses & air ticket to Singapore. I am working hard here, so noona you must not give up and press on at your practices too okay? Know that even as I am not in Singapore just yet, I am still giving you my 100% fullest support here. See you soon dearest.’’  

Taemin: “Noona~ I bet you have been practising diligently for your upcoming comeback album right? Me too!! I am studying very hard my college entrance exam, so that after it, I can fly over to Singapore to visit you.  I am a good student you know? Kekeke. Noona, you need not to worry about my 1 week trip fare (for the airplane ride) and expenses! My beloved hyungs said that they will sponsor me with that. My hyungs are real good, aren’t they? Hehehe. I shall arrange for you to meet them together with me, when you visit the Korea later okay?  I’ve got a lesson to rush to now, see you in a in 2 weeks’ time, bye & love <3’’ 

After conversing with him/reading his message on your handphone, you were encouraged and your motivation to persevere is back! Once the break was over, you happily got on up on both your feet and started practicing with your band members again.

Remembering all the things that he had said to you over the phone, you were practicing as much as you can with your band members for the comeback. Due to band members having different schedules arranged, some will start practicing at 8pm while the others will join the earlier ones after coming back from their schedules. In order to have the a successful comeback, you and your band members will choose to sacrifice sleeping time and stay up till late midnight 3am, just to perfect those dance moves that are still not right. Then… during one of those nights, halfway through the practice, when you were trying hard to get a dance move right, you injured your leg. All the other members quickly called for the manager and you were sent to the hospital right away. Note: As you were being rushed to the hospital, you did not get to bring your handphone with you.

Few days later…

You have fully recovered and were discharged from the hospital. When you got back to your dorm, you saw his many missed calls and messages to you over the past few days. You quickly called him back and this was what happened…

Onew: The first thing that he asked was, “What happen to you? I am so worried, so worried until I didn’t have the mood to eat my favourite chicken drumstick. YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD! HAHAHAHAHA. Followed by calming down and you said, “I was in the hospital due to a leg injury suffered during my comeback preparation. Sorry to make you so worry my dear. After hearing he said, “Nah don’t worry baby, I am happy to know that you are fine now~ Hearing your laughter and all, I bet you must be feeling so good now right? I miss you so much ❤ Please take care of yourself and no more injuring yourself okay?

Jong: *Worried* “Dear, where have you been these few days? Why have you not been picking up my calls or replying my messages?” *Explanation to him* With a concern tone, “So are you feeling better now? I hope you are. I am so glad that the first thing you did was to give me a call  You must drink lots of water and eat when needed to~ Don’t be too hard on yourself if yeah? Otherwise uh, if you don’t have enough energy, who is going to accompany me to go to the beach & admire the beautiful night sky with sparkling bright stars? Who is going to watch movies with me? 😥 So must take good care of yourself~ Love you ❤ 

Key: YAH! You vanished from the world is it?! What exactly happened? Are you alright now?! Tell me what happened now. (*you started telling him) Oh my god! So how’s your leg now? Still painful? *In a caring tone*. You need to be careful. You must take good care of yourself for I am not by your side now. I can’t rescue you like superman, you know~ Kekeke. When I visit you on my next trip to Singapore, I will make some good food. I am sure you miss my the one and only authentic KEY-BUM’s home cook food right? Hehehe ❤

Minho: “Noona, did something happen to you? *Explanation to him* He then said, “Ahhh~ I see, so it was just what I’d thought that something must have happen to you. I just waited patiently in hope that you’ll call me back soon. I was feeling very worried, but after hearing that you are fully recovered, I am much more settled. & Yes, are you going to rest in your dorm today? I hope you will do so, so that you will not getting that immediate stress of not being able to catch up that you have not learnt. After all the other days of practices, do have a goodnight sleep. Must listen to my advice okay?

Taemin: Noona, why you did not reply my messages or answer my calls sent/make to you these few days? D; Where did you go? I am so worried, I can’t eat or sleep and can’t even concentrate on my studies! *After listening to you* What? You injured your leg? Why are you so careless?! Next time you must wear some knee/ankle guards to protect your legs! Your legs are so important to me and your fans, I am sure your hard work will pay off! 1ST PLACE SUCCESS IN YOUR UPCOMING COMEBACK! 😀 Hwaiting!

After 2 weeks, on Korea Television News…

‘’Famous girl group member of M**** caught watching movie together with a male artiste at blah blah plaza. On the other hand, a netizen posted that she works at the blah blah plaza and has happen to see ** and *** coming to watch a movie together.

 She even stated, ” I think they might be dating as this is the second time I see them here. Kekeke.” Photos of them were also posted. These all have been garnering a lot of attention.

 In order to know exactly what is with all the pictures and news spreading around, he contacted you on your handphone but to no avail as you were busy with your practice. He was really anxious about it, so he decided to fly to Singapore right away after gathering all the money he can.  By the time you saw his missed calls and a message, he was already on his way to Singapore. This was what his message says…

Onew: I need to see you.  See you outside your dorm soon.

Jong: This thing that has happened makes no sense at all. I’ve got to clarify with you about it, so see you in a few hours’ time at your dorm.

Key:  Pabo yah, what exactly happened to you?! I am coming over right away, you better be at your door!

Minho: Please tell me this is just a rumor… Please….  I will wait for you outside your dorm until you come.

Taemin: You won’t leave me like this right, Noona? I will be waiting for you at your dorm.

But even after you have read his message, you cant rush back to your dorm because you still have a schedule going on later. You almost went crazy as you want to rush back as soon as possible. Finally after hours of recording, you quickly rushed back to your dorm because you know that he will be there, waiting for you outside.

When you got there, he was standing at the door. It was a rather tense situation as his face was expressionless. You knew that something was just not right. Despite the atmosphere being that way, you went ahead in opening the dorm and brought him in. He then walked towards the sofa of your dorm’s living room and sat down on it, staring into space. It is like as though thoughts were feeling his mind.

Onew: You seemed really tired. Hmm… You go take a shower to first, then you’ll feel refresh, okay? *Smiles at you* Oh! Are you hungry?  I’ll prepare a nice meal for you, while you go and have a bath. *Smiles at you again* Pali~ Pali~ Go and bathe and I’ll wait here for you. *He acted as if nothing has happened.*

Jong: You are finally here. It seems like many things has happened to you lately. First, was you being hospitalized and now this? Why did you not tell me anything personally? I’d want to hear from you personally; even it is just a short message or call.  You know every time when you leave me hanging like this with lots of questions running in my mind, I am not able to sleep well at all. Tell me how can I not worry? Tell me what can I do?

Key: So.. Who is that guy? Why are you watching a movie with him? Why are you all so close to each other? What am I to you now? You don’t love me already? You don’t think of me anymore is it? NO! you can’t do this to me!

Minho: I know it is insane to fly here now. Everything I saw on television and on the net, is just a lie right? Please tell me it is. I am sure you have your own reasons for doing so right? Hope you don’t disappoint me. Sighhhh… I really really love you a lot.

Taemin: Noona, I promise you I will work harder for you. I know I may not be as good as him now, but I promise you, in the future you will definitely see a different me. I will change for you, I am willingly to do anything for you.

You were totally surprised about what he told you. You knew everything on the net is fake! It is not the truth at all. You explained that the male artiste was just a long-time-no-see cousin. This time he (your cousin) was back because he works for a Korean entertainment company as a solo singer and was to stay here for 5 months to master the basics languages.

This is required of him because it will be of a great help for him, when he debuts in a totally different country. You went on explaining that since he was back, you wanted to catch up with him. For he (your cousin) really loves watching movies, you two head down to the blah blah plaza to catch some nice shows. Little did the both of you know that something like that was going to be reported on the news and spread like wildfire on the Internet.

At this moment, tears started to flow down from your cheeks; you held his arms and ask him to believe you. When he saw you crying, he knew instantly that he did wrong.  He turned to you and wiped the tears from your face. He then looked you in the eyes kissed you at your lips, “Noona, please don’t cry anymore okay? I should have trusted you than to have believed the rumours. I trust you with my whole heart.  I am sorry. I promised you that this is the last time.  He then hugged you tightly, stroked your hair and whispered into your ears,’’ I love you very much.’’ 

Hello shawols! How’s this SFS? feel free to comment! This time round, a more matured SHINee isnt it? ;p Hope you all like it! I will do more when i am free! hehe have a nice day! ❤


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SHINee on Saigake! Ongaku Banzuke

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[Source: tumblr; DC Shinee Gallery]


SHINee @ SM Town Live Concert in Paris

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Credit: Morgenderper

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source: Kristelle


Jonghyun UFO Reply

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[FAN]Today is June 14^^it’s a memorable day^^Although i’m still not an adult/under age!! But should you be giving me some thing?? hehe

[JOnghyun] Kiss Day 

[FAN]I think i like a English teacher What to do hoho

[Jonghyun]what can i do . don’t teach the kids !!


Source + Chinese translate : baidu | English Translate LoverSHINeee


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(In order)

Fan: Ah~CuteᄒᄒOppa is very free?
Jjong: Yes

Fan: UFO byong reply byong!!!~’ㅂ’~
Jjong: ㅛByobyobyong

Fan: Oppa!! I showed my friend your very handsome picture but she laughed!! I’m not happyㅜ
Jjong: ᄏ It’s up to personal preferences ᄏ

Fan: My friend keeps teasing meㅜㅜㅋ
Jjong: Who is it? Bring the person over~!

Fan: Oppa, your approved cutie is back!
JongHyun: There is only one or two cutie

Fan: When are all of you coming back..tail~*~
Jjong: July

Chinese translation: For_SHINee_World@weibo
English translation: babyblue-@soompi


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Credit:As tagged


SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers

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– Whose Japanese is the best and worst?
Minho: The best speaker is Key! I think the worst is me. I’ll study harder.
Key: It may sound like I’m boasting, but I think I’m the best speaker because I started watching Japanese dramas and movies earlier than other members.

– Taemin has grown taller. How tall is he now?
Taemin: About 177~178 cm.

– How do you maintain your body shape?
Minho: I work out regularly. And I try to eat well.
Key: I think it’s helpful to do a diet in the evening.
Jonghyun: I work out and do a diet.
Onew: I don’t do any special maintenance.
Taemin: I work out regularly and don’t do snacking.

– What do you do in the waiting room?

We chat or play with members. We also listen to music.

– In which country are you most popular?
Well, it’s hard to tell where we are most popular. We are always grateful that fans all over the world are interested in us and love us.

– I want to have children like SHINee. What dreams did your parents have in the conception of you? And what did you eat to grow up to become so fine?
Minho: Um…thanks to meals mom made with love?
Key: I think I’ve matured up thanks to diverse experiences.
Jonghyun: I heard it was a dream related to peach.
Onew: I think it’s because I have a balanced diet without eating only what I want.
Taemin: I heard there was a big toad inside our house in the conception dream.  I think I grew up well thanks to meals mom made. ^^

– I read in an article that you participated in City Hunter OST. Which member is closest to the city hunter character?
Jonghyun: I think it’s Minho.

– I’m curious about your ideal types. And the reason.
Minho: Someone who looks good in long straight hair, smiles pretty, and is kind-hearted.
Key: I like a girl who is stylish and good in self-discipline. And I hope she is passionate both in work and love.
Jonghyun: I like someone who looks pretty when smiling.
Onew: I like a girl who has her own thoughts and is frank.
Taemin: I like a girl whose heart is unchanging like a sunflower.

[Source: The Daily Focus…c5733ae4d9679db
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– Trans by jujugal